Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces Of Nature

A great subject for this weeks challenge and one I can relate to seeing as I’m often outdoors. Instead of a photograph this week I’m going to start with a video I shot early December 2013.


We were lucky. Although the sea defences were breached there was no localised flooding as desperate workers from the county council managed to put in place a secondary defence of sand bags to impede the seas progress.

Further along the coast at Rhyl the sea did breach the defences and many homes were flooded.

And now for some photographs, after all that’s what Say It With A Camera is about.

Gone Fishin'

In the photograph above this guy was fishing on a really stormy day at Rhyl. If the wind is in the right direction incoming waves hit the curved sea wall and break up with these amazing plumes of spray. I don’t know about you but I think he was totally crazy to be still fishing. I’m using a zoom lens so I’m far enough back to be safe. Just after I took the one above a really big breaker came in and nearly swept him off his feet.

Stormy Seas

Under certain conditions those waves travel along the curve, creating a thunderous roaring sound, and if you are standing on the earthen bank you can really feel the ground vibrate.

Rhyl Seafront 4

The force behind these waves is so powerful, once again the only safe way to photograph close up like this is to stand back and use a zoom lens. Regular readers will know I have a golden rule. “No photograph is worth taking chances for”. I broke that rule last year and ended up in the Emergency Department, thankfully it wasn’t serious but I had a lucky escape.

52/2013 Week 49

Back to Prestatyn. Where those waves are breaking over is part of the North Wales Coastal Path. People regularly walk and cycle there, even at normal high tides. High winds, the right on-shore conditions and exceptional Spring Tides all contribute to a damaging force that very quickly can turn to coastal flooding. I’m standing on a small hill, behind me is the town of Prestatyn, but it’s in a dip. Flooding is inevitable if the sea defences break down, as they did in Rhyl.

Talking of high Spring Tides. In the photograph below you are looking at the Talacre Beach Car-Park. Talacre is where I go to photograph the Lighthouse. The incoming Spring Tide comes round behind to sand dunes to my right and floods the salt marsh. If the tide is high enough it will also flood the car-park and continue away to the left behind the sand dunes


Of course what this means is that you can get cut-off by the tide. In the photograph below, which is just beyond the far left of the photograph above, you can see someone with a check shirt waiting it out. They’ve been cut off and will have to spend a few hours there till the tide recedes.

Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighbourhood - 11

In reality it’s not as bad as that as long as you know the area. Climb the fence to the left, walk along the sand dunes for about half a mile and you can get onto drier ground. But you have to know the area to do that.

That’s it for this week and as usual feel free to leave comments.

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces Of Nature

    1. Not sure, Yvonne. There were some other men fishing as well but further along the sea wall were it wasn’t so rough, so I suppose you must be able to. At one point I really did think he was going to be dragged back in by the ebbing wave. He was knocked off his feet and started to slide but managed to get up again. Igf he had gone in there would have been nothing I could do for him other than phone for help. Thankfully he didn’t. By the way he packed up just after that happened.

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    1. It does get wild around here sometimes and the concave shape of the sea wall produces some great shapes. But best of all it’s doing what it’s supposed to do – breaking up the full force of the wave into spray

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