52 in 2015 Week 20 Minimalism

Minimalism, always subjective and highly controversial. There are those who hat in and conversely those who love it.

But that’s what the challenge is this week and here’s how I’ve interpreted it.

52 in 2015 Week 20 Minimalist (2)

Rightly or wrongly this is how I see minimalism. I purposely kept the photograph in Black and White. I like it that way.

We are allowed to submit two photographs, although only one can be submitted for judging. My final photograph is also a Black and White but with a touch of High Key as well.

52 in 2015 Week 20 Minimalist

Now you might have also noticed that I haven’t followed one of the more conventional aspect ratios for these two photographs. That’s because I didn’t think either of them would benefit from that setting. What do you think? Was I right to go for a more square look?

As usual, feel free to comment.

9 thoughts on “52 in 2015 Week 20 Minimalism

    1. Aspect Ratio in photography is a fancy way of expressing the relationship between width and height of a photograph, Yvonne. For instance my camera has an aspect ratio of 4:3. or 4320 pixels by 3240 pixels. Hope that explains it. I suppose you could say the ones above are 4:4.

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  1. Number 1 is my preference too. Having the figure off centre forces the eye to scan the image. If it were just centered I think it would hold the attention less.

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  2. I thought that at the time Andrew. It really was a grab shot, taken in the back garden but I did think putting it off centre would work better.


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