52 in 2015 Week 25 Sunrise or Sunset

It’s got to be sunset for me. As I’ve explained before I don’t do sunrise. Not because I’m not a morning person, more a case of I can’t see the point of getting up early only to be disappointed that the sunrise is going to be a non event . So with that in mind here a couple for this weeks challenge. Being as our coast mainly points north we are quite lucky that we get some really great sunsets. Normally Autumn and Winter give us the best ones but so far, this summer the weather hasn’t been that great. For some reason we’ve been getting some really good sunsets in return.

With this photograph I did a long exposure HDR, which is why the water looks so milky around the Groyne Marker which is silhouetted against the setting sun.

Groyne Marker

I’d left the beach and was starting to head home, then realised that the sunset was getting more intense. Fortunately I don’t live so far away so a quick U-Turn and I was back at the beach. The North Wales Coastal Path is popular with walkers and cyclists and every so often there are signposts giving distances and directions. Gronant is a popular area with large sand dunes and a long sandy beach. But you can’t drive there. It’s either walk or cycle.

52 in 2015 Week 25 Sunset or Sunrise

That’s it for this weeks challenge. As usual feel free to comment, tell me you like the photographs or ask a question.

7 thoughts on “52 in 2015 Week 25 Sunrise or Sunset

  1. The is a beautiful photograph. I rarely work in HDR as I never seem to get it right and often it looks ‘overcooked’ – which is bad. But your colours in this are subtle and blend together so well. This is a superb photograph. Lovely 🙂


    1. James, thank you for your kind comment. Over the years I have used HDR, turning out absolutely overcooked horrors, some not bad, and some really good. (in my opinion). A year or so ago I discovered a plugin from HDRSoft, the makers of PhotoMatix, which allowed me to use Lightroom as my tone-mapping source. From that point I started turning out more natural looking photographs. With the release of Lightroom 2015 CC I no longer use the plugin as Lightroom now has an inbuilt HDR module. It’s almost impossible now to get that overcooked look and the HDR processing is a lot faster.


      1. Thanks for the info Mike.. I will look into that. I use the one which comes with Nike collection for Google – a nice suite of different plug ins. As I say I don’t use hdr much but the results can be stunning if the right photo is used and the process is subtle.

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