Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

“My way is better”. “No! Mine is”.  Luminosity Masking, High, Dynamic Range, Post Processing, using Lightroom, using Photoshop, even the settings on your Digital Camera. Each year a new video training course comes out describing new methods of post processing your post photographs. You know the type;  “All new, my post processing techniques for 2013/2014/2015”. They’re out there. All willing to sell you training courses  purporting to be the best thing since sliced bread. I’ve no doubt they may be, in their eyes, but think of this.

If you follow these courses are you going to improve your photography? Probably not. You might improve your post processing, but you’ll adopt the trainers style along the way. What’s wrong with developing your own style of photography?

Your Photograph, Your Look…..

Ok! Rant over. This weeks challenge is to find some photographs that you have taken some time in the past that reflect half and half (excuse the pun). As usual with the Weekly Photo Challenge themes, they’re open to interpretation in many ways.

The Dee estuary is a haven for wildlife, especially wading birds. When the tide goes out, the mud flats are exposed and the birds find plenty to eat. The  estuary attracts migrating birds from other continents who winter /summer in our milder climate.

Mud Flats

Red Shanks are common on both sides of the estuary. Present all the year round,  but during winter there are lots more of them to be seen, many have come from Iceland.


Half of this photograph  shows the new BBC Scotland building in Glasgow. The other half shows the new BBC Scotland building upside down. Amazing!

If I had a picture of two handcuffed criminals being booked, I would cut the picture in half and get five bucks for each. – Weegee , Photojournalism, The Professionals’ Approach by Kenneth Kobre, Betsy Brill

BBC Scotland

Now this is much harder to capture. A Little Egret sitting on another one that looks just like it. Maybe they’re twins. What do you think?

Little Egret

It’s catching…….the Grey Heron is doing the same thing. We’ve got some strange birds here in North Wales.

Double Take

Now we’ve got an Armadillo at it. Well that’s what Glaswegians, residents of the great city of Glasgow, Scotland call this building.

The Armadillo

You may have noticed that my Half and Half seems to be more about Reflections. Maybe, you think this week I didn’t meet the theme challenge. You know when I said  “Your Photograph, Your Look….” , well, I meant the same about my blog. My blog, my photographs, my interpretation of the theme.

Anyway, here’s what other bloggers are saying about this weeks challenge.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

  1. Reflections are a great way to demonstrate half and half. These photo challenges always bring out interesting interpretations, don’t they!

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  2. Hi Mike. Well of course I would say I like the birdie shots best……not this time. Those night-time building shots are brilliant in my view……real stunners.

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