Summer! What’s That?

It’s supposed to be summer, here in the northern hemisphere, and my little part of North Wales. Yet, we have been experiencing weather which more resembles winter than summer. June started with rain and low temperatures and then settled down to being quiet. No rain, but equally, not that hot either.

Maybe it’s me but July has seemed wetter than June and the wind has been cold as well.

Which brings me to my photograph. Taken Friday afternoon on a grey windy day just before it started raining, I hope you can appreciate the irony in the photograph?

Bucket and Spade

That’s it. Just a quick photograph….Mike

13 thoughts on “Summer! What’s That?

  1. I was feeling equally nostalgic about my Mid-Atlantic USA “summer” recently! Where was the heat?? Finally, it is starting to feel “summer-ish” around here. I hope the weather changes for you soon! Love the photo.


    1. It’s warmed up today and tomorrow is supposed to better before getting wet again. Got a trip into the mountains booked. I have a need for fresh air and to get some photography done.


    1. I found it abandoned on the beach Theresa, right by those rocks. Just thought someone had had enough and left it behind. Seemed too good an opportunity to miss.


  2. We just returned from two and a half weeks in Ireland and London. The Irish, who always talk about the weather, are saying it’s been the wettest, coldest July/August they’ve seen in years. “The kids are going back to school in two and a half weeks and we haven’t seen summer yet.” We managed a lot of shower dodging, two very wet days, and two 100% dry days in the 16 we were gone. A lot of flat grey light though!

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