Black and White

Sometimes colour just doesn’t work. Yesterday I was down on the beach again. Same grey skies, flat even light, no shadows, no highlights. Not ideal photography weather.

Rhyl Beach

So that’s why I decided to go Black and White with this one. Hope you like it?

Black and White Photography” does more to evoke an emotion and freeze a moment in time than any other medium. Looking back over the decades at such famous photographers as, Steigletz, Weston, Adams, and others has helped elevate Black and White Photography, to a Fine Art form. The subtle tones of greys, the strong emphasis of the Blacks, and the softness of the Whites makes one look much closer at the subject and composition due to the lack of natural colour. Emotions are always much easier to portray with Black and White, because of the stark contrasts and the sharp focus on the subject. – Bob Snell

I like Black and White. Not for every photograph, for me, the B&W has to be dramatic. Not the flat grey tones that you get if you just de-saturate a photograph. Dark shady areas, pure white regions. Something to look at.

8 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. I ;like the foreground that shows the patterns of the sand. I think the photo has much going for it with the pattern effect. Otherwise it would be just…. well, I don’t know to be honest. Hope I have not hurt your feelings.

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  2. Nope! Without that foreground it would be nothing, Yvonne. In colour it was flat and dull. B&W with a lot of emphasis on the black seemed like a way to get something from what I would normally throw away.


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