Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath My Feet.

In pursuit of my photography I suppose you could say I’ve had many places beneath my feet. Earlier this week I was in Cwmorthin again. Clear blue skies, sun baking down, not a breath of air. Far too hot and terrible light. Believe it or not conditions like that don’t make for good photography. There’s no shade, everything is lit with the same harsh light and generally photographs just look flat because there’s no contrast.

Cworthin Terrace

Not a great photograph. Be honest! Don’t you agree? Hey! I’m not fishing for compliments or anything like that. Just compare this one to last weeks post. Look at the difference…

Anyway this week when Cheri introduced this weeks challenge subject she mentioned MESH which allows you to create photo galleries, effortlessly. Now then, at the moment it’s still in its infancy so I’ve seen a few teething problems, but I thought I’d include a MESH of some of the paces that have been underneath my feet over the years.


You are going to see problems, some of the photographs seem to zoomed in or cut off at the sides.  For some reason I can’t add captions, I’d have liked to have been able to do that. As an application for galleries it might just work if they can sort out the initial teething problems.

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16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath My Feet.

  1. Love your photos! They have a very ethereal, romantic feeling about them. I also agree with your judgment about the light in this week’s photo. Thanks for the link to my site 🙂 I was glad to find yours.


  2. Instead of posting today, I took time to visit the other sites you mentioned in your post. Very relaxing! Thanks for picking them out to share.


    1. Every week I try and pick out a few sites to visit and read. I don’y always comment but I’ll then post a link to them hoping my readers will take the time to visit as well.

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  3. Oh well flat light or not, it’s still ok just not as perfect as you’d like. Just have to accept that once in a while you will not have good lighting- maybe early am or late pm when the shadows are longer.


    1. Just one of those things, Yvonne. Normally in Snowdonia you get some cloud cover so I was quite surprised to see clear blue skies. By 9am it was really hot, which makes a change from all the crap weather we’ve been having. Which by the way has gone crap again. Heavy rain, cold winds, people were even wearing winter coats yesterday. Apparently the warming Jet Stream has moved further south than it normally does for this time of year which is why we in the north are experiencing bad weather, whilst the south of the UK is basking in glorious sunshine.

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      1. It sounds as if Fall has arrived early for you in Wales. That is some nasty weather if folks were wearing coats.

        It is hotter than a pistol here in Central Texas. The heat almost takes your breath away as you leave an air conditioned house.

        I’m getting my old house re-roofed and there are two Mexican men on the roof from 6:30am till dark thirty. Very hard workers They can take the heat better than puny, measly Americans. 🙂


  4. A great series of photos that work well in the Mesh Gallery. Very happy to have been introduced to your work and look forward to following you in the coming months. Best wishes.


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