Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day

Right from the start I’m going to say; to see the photographs at their best and with the least crop press the little box that looks like this [ ] at the top right hand of the MESH.

This weeks challenge asks us to experiment with a new app called MESH that creates galleries. I had previously tried it two weeks ago for the “Beneath My Feet” challenge and found some real problems with it. Mainly the drastic cropping of the images from a landscape to sort of square format.

Previously I have written about my opposition to  showing my photographs in a gallery considering the gallery to be flat and lifeless. MESH on the other hand has the potential to provide an interesting gallery showing the photographs full screen. Now that I like. However, there are still problems to resolve, such as the strange cropping of images,  and I could think of a few improvements that would make MESH a better app. But all in all I could be convinced to use MESH.

Anyway for me a good day is a walk with my camera in the Snowdonia National Park. The beauty and ruggedness, no matter what the weather, always gives me a sense of peace. Have a look and you will see what I mean.


I hope you like the photographs included in MESH and I’d love to hear your comments.

Meanwhile, here’s what other bloggers are saying about this weeks challenge.



24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day

  1. Thanks for trying out Mesh — appreciate the feedback and if you ever have a moment to leave additional input, you can give feedback directly to the Mesh team: feedback.me.sh

    Previously I have written about my opposition to showing my photographs in a gallery considering the gallery to be flat and lifeless.

    I know what you mean! I personally don’t use galleries (of any kind, mesh or normal) on my own blog — I actually prefer to insert images one after the other. Mesh not be for everyone when it comes to public sharing/blogging, although I *have* found it handy for sharing images quickly and privately: you can share a gallery link via email or text, which I’ve found simple yet helpful.

    Anyway, thanks for experimenting with it!


    1. I still use Windows Live Writer to write my blog and with a handy little plugin I can insert my photographs straight from my Flickr account. The advantage is the photographs are hosted away from WordPress so i’m not using that 3Gb allowance and by clicking on a photograph readers are taken direct to my Flickr photostream. I could see me using MESH on Facebook but I don’t think I’ll use it on my blog. Thanks for commenting.

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  2. Just wondering about this Mesh thing before I decide to try it. It says on Daily post about Mesh that: “Photos you add to a mesh are stored on Mesh servers, and aren’t added to your media library on WordPress.com.” Is that what you found?
    Your photos are, as usual, beautiful! I didn’t open them full screen, but went through them in situ. I’m not sure I enjoy the big white lettering across each of them in that view.


    1. As far as I can see the photo’s are stored on the MESH servers and I’m not so sure I like that feature. I prefer to have control, even although my photographs are all Creative Commons. On e of the things I don’t like, Margie, is the fact that there is a download button on the MESH gallery which allows a single, or every photograph in the MESH, to be downloaded at a single click. That white lettering was an experiment, you can choose to have it, or not. Personally if I did use MESH I wouldn’t use that lettering, it’s too obtrusive

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  3. I don’t care for MESH and for all the reasons that you have mentioned. Not that I have that many photos and I haven’t done a post in a long time. Aside from all of that gibberish, I, as usual love all your photos and can’t decide which of these I like best. These all show a very lonely and forsaken area that is beautiful and appears extremely remote.

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    1. It’s never really that remote Yvonne. Wales as a country is far too small to be any great distance from habitation In size, Wales, part of the United Kingdom, is closest in size to the US state of New Jersey. (Wales: 8,022, sq miles, New Jersey 8,721 sq. miles.)

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      1. On a map it looks to be larger. Your photos give the scenes the appearance of bring isolated. That is the word I should have used and not remote. The areas that you photograph seem far and away from habitation. But I like that look.

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  4. I have also tried Mesh for the first time and am uncertain of its value. Having said that however I enjoyed seeing all of your wonderful photos full screen and the ease with which I could view them. Enjoyed the discussion too and will have to think about whether to continue using the program or not. Cheri’s comment about using it for private sharing may indicate its best use. I hadn’t realized that they are on a separate server from WordPress and suspect this may be a real disadvantage. Thanks again.


    1. I like the way MESH works and it will be better once they solve the problems. But I’m not sure about using it as it means I’m spreading my photographs. Personally I use Flickr to store my blog photographs and embed them into posts using Windows Live Writer. The main thing is the photograph is still on Flickr and not in the 3Gb allowance that WordPress allocate us.

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      1. I agree they do have a few problems to sort out. Since I upgraded with WordPress when I started my blog I have up to 13Gb for storage and I still have 9Gb to go after nearly 3 years, so storage hasn’t been an issue for me fortunately. I need to learn about Windows Live Writer and Flickr so will do some research. Cheers

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  5. Me again… I used a gallery for this challenge (as I do for most posts with lots of photos) but encourage people to open the gallery and scroll through the photos to see them at their best. The gallery seems to be the best way to include lots of photos, but keep page load speed down.
    Seeing your comments about Flickr, I’ll have to think about that as an option…

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  6. I had a look at the gallery. I’d forgotten what it was like to use, but I’m not sure I can use it with Flickr, anyway. Nice set of photographs, I particularly liked the Iris Leaves with the drops of water


  7. Great photos Mike. I recognised most of the placed having staggered up them, fallen down them and generally got soaked – albeit several (or more) years ago. Heading to Snowdonia next week but not (I think) up Snowdon.


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