52 in 2015 Week 32 Panorama

This weeks challenge is to create a panorama. Luckily the latest release of Lightroom CC has a new feature which allows for the easy creation of panoramas.

Talacre Dunes

Talacre Beach with the lighthouse and sand dunes is an ideal location to create a panorama. I can stand on the high sand dunes and photograph about 4 or 5 separate photographs making sure they slightly overlap as I turn to take in the whole scene. Lightroom will do the rest.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed the photograph.

2 thoughts on “52 in 2015 Week 32 Panorama

  1. I’m lucky it’s so close to my house, Yvonne. Those dunes stretch for miles along the coast and are a rich source of wildlife including some rare and endangered species, both animal and plant. Certain parts of the dune system are fenced off to protect the habitat. Move about half a mile to the right of the lighthouse and there is a large salt marsh, home to many species of wild birds who either winter or summer in the rich mud and grasslands. When the tide comes in they are forced higher and higher up the marsh towards a specially built bird hide, so they are very easy to observe and photograph. This post was about the marsh and the tides.


    and this one was about the Dee Estauary between England and Wales. The birds in the post can also be seen on the Welsh side of the estuary as well as many others.


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