The Grumpy Old Man And The Young Whippersnapper

It’s been a while since the Grumpy Old Man put in appearance in Say It With A Camera but he’s still around. Today a young whippersnapper decided to pay a visit and I’m honestly surprised that Grumpy has put up with him…….to a degree that is.

Mr Grumpy 1

The young whippersnapper thought it would be a good idea to show Grumpy who was boss and started off by running round and round Grumpy who totally ignored him. Emboldened by the perceived indifference from Grumpy the young whippersnapper pounced, moving in for a quick nip.

Oh foolish child. You’ve been suckered in. Grumpy is old and wily, he knows you are young and impetuous, that you will venture too close to him eventually.

And so he did. With a growl and a snarl Grumpy saw him off as only a senior dog will do.

Mr Grumpy 4

Undeterred the young whippersnapper came back for more  and this time Grumpy decided to tolerate him.

Mr Grumpy 3

Puppy Love! The Grumpy Old Man is happy to take the attention from the young whippersnapper.

Mr Grumpy 2

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