How The Weather Can Change?

Quick re-edit. As I posted this WordPress let me know that this was my 700th post on Say It With A Camera.

Here on the coast, Thursday looked like it was going to be a really bright sunny day. Blue skies, light wispy cloud, perfect for a photography day out.

First stop Llanwrst to see if the famous Tu Hwnt i’r Bont tea house had changed colour yet. After all we are heading into Autumn. Almost there. By the way the house was built in 1480 and is older than the bridge it stands beside.

Tu Hwnt i’r Bont

Next a quick visit to the old Roman bridge over the River Machno

Old Roman Bridge

The bridge is in a dark little gorge surrounded by trees and vegetation. Fortunately the sun was shining through in patches.

Not long after this we  decided to take the old moor road over towards Blaenau Ffestiniog. As we started climbing it was getting darker and darker. Thick clouds started rolling in and soon we were out on the moors with very little sunlight.

52 in 2015 Week 37 Landscape

Now the roads up here are not your standard roads. They’re single track, with passing places, not that you ever meet much traffic here anyway. It’s pretty desolate, but that’s how I like it. Just a shame the sun wasn’t shining, the purple heather on the moor would have looked so much better.

52 in 2015 Week 37 Landscape (2)

But you can’t have everything. The air was fresh, we had an open road, directly overhead a couple of sparrow hawks were hovering and soaring on the light breeze, well worth watching, and best of all we had it to ourselves.

Just a shame the weather had changed for the worse.

13 thoughts on “How The Weather Can Change?

  1. What a superb photoset…I know this part of the world quite well and it is simply gorgeous.Your photos make me want to jump in the car with a camera and get back to beautiful Cymru!

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    1. It’s a well photographed cottage Yvonne. The cottage stand at the side of one of the main roads into Snowdonia. That road is typical of many that transverse the National Park. Single track, sometimes straight, sometimes very winding and steep. But I like using them as you get to see things that most tourist don’t. Lonely too. You can be out there and not see anyone.

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