Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

A treat for me is to be out with the camera taking photographs, especially if I’m in the National Park. But this week in a change I’m going to show some food. Different I know, especially as I very rarely photograph food.

We eat good food to keep our bodies healthy. I digest good photos as my visual nutrition. If I go too long without looking at good work, I feel starved. – Matt Hevezi

In my opinion it’s there to be eaten. not photographed. Besides if your messing with a camera the food is getting cold or it’s melting.

Meat and Two Veg

But I once attended a catering competition where fancy small nibbles, doubling as a main meal were laid out for photographing. What’s wrong with this? There’s not enough.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant where they serve minuscule sized treats and then expect you to pay a fortune for it?

I have and I came away disappointed. Had to stop off for a curry on the way home. anyway I digress.

Ice Cream Medley

Now these might look nice and they probably taste great but c’mon give me something I can get my teeth into.

Photography and tasty food are same. When a Master Chef can explain all ingredients in a proportionate measured level while making a dish, my mom makes it more better with approximate handful guess of ingredients at home. While learning photography, learn all the rules but according to ur creativity one can break with lot of inputs on ur own when u r in the field.. Tasty food & a good photograph matters. – Lakshman Iyer

My final photograph is absolutely beautiful. I wish I had the skill to create something like this.


I mean, how beautiful is that?

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

  1. Picasso said that too…”learn the rules, then break them”. A photo, recipe, painting shouldn’t work when you do, but yet somehow they do! My human tries to photograph food too for the “Galley Grits section of a boating newsletter she publishes. It’s definitely an art. That last photo IS very pretty. Thank you for sharing and for the link! =^,,^=


  2. It is beautiful! You are right, about photographing food and the fancy plates you have shown on here. It looks beautiful, but I am an old school…..meat and potato……homemade food kinda girl. My treat, also, is to go on a road trip and take photographs….even if it means just to a shopping plaza….hahahaha Hugz


    1. That’s me. I like wholesome tasty food. It may be fancy, it may taste great but if I walk away from a restaurant hungry I feel cheated somehow. Personally I prefer to cook all our food from scratch. That way we know what’s in it.


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