Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

For this weeks challenge I thought I’d show you a “Trio of Trio’s”. First up, the three cranes at Clydeport, Greenock, Scotland. I took this just after the sun had set.


For my second trio it’s the cockle pickers of the Dee Estuary. This time I’m on the English side. If you don’t know a cockle is a small, edible, salt-water clam. Gathering them on the estuary is dirty and cold work as you can see from their dress.

Cockle Pickers

My final trio is sheep. We have more than our fair share of them here in Wales and in the National Park they roam wild. They’re not really wild though. They belong to someone and each year they are rounded up and brought down for shearing.


That’s it for my trio this week. Here’s what other bloggers are saying about trio’s


20 replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

      1. It does cause one to wonder how in the world they make their way. I suppose they are “sort of like” the Bighorn sheep in the Rocky Mountains that appear to actually climb a stone wall. It’s an incredible act of maneuvering. Of course the domestic sheep can not climb as the wild ones but none the less….

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    1. Normally they run a mile when you get close to them, Jane. But I edged closer and closer taking a shot every time before moving on. Surprisingly they did allow me to get quite close before moving off.


  1. We have a very gullible friend, so when I was in Ireland years ago and saw the ‘painted’ patches on the sheep, we took a picture and told her that it was so the farmer knew what colour the wool would be. 😀 Lovely trio of trio images. – Suzan –

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