It’s Going To Be Quiet

I’m taking a break for a few weeks so it’s going to be quiet around here. I’m off to exotic Hong Kong for a mix of pleasure and pleasure, with a fair bit of photography involved.

Hong Kong Skyline

Night life, that’s for me, these next few weeks.

Hong Kong at Night

Trips on the iconic Star Ferries across the harbour

Star Ferry - Celestial Star

See you all when I get back.

21 thoughts on “It’s Going To Be Quiet

  1. Enjoy your trip. One half of my ancestors reside in Hong Kong. I will visit one day, and hopefully live there for awhile as well. Safe travels and make everlasting memories. Ladies Prism is coming soon to romance the world. Scotian Breeze is the movement, and Treasure Words, Collect Figures is the company. History in the making; stay tuned.

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    1. One of my favourite places, Hong Kong. But I must admit this trip I did find it annoying that everyone had their heads stuck in their phones all the time, which meant a lot of bumping an banging as they weren’t looking where they were going


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