52 in 2015 Week 47 Portrait

It’s been a while since I featured the “Grumpy Old Man” here on Say It With A Camera. So here he is looking older and a lot more grumpier.


Like all old men he’s starting to go grey and just recently he’s been diagnosed with Lymphoma.

Well that’s it for this week and I hope you enjoyed the photograph.

8 thoughts on “52 in 2015 Week 47 Portrait

  1. This is the best pic of him thus far. Lymphoma is treatable in cats and I assume it is treatable in dogs as well. I have a 14 year old cat and a 16 year old cat that are currently on chemo med and prednisolone for the lymphoma. They were diagnosed a week apart and have been on meds for about 2 months. They are improving already. Did your vet offer any treatment options for Grumpy?


    1. It’s highly unlikely Andrew. Two vets from different practices have now confirmed it’s only a matter of time. At the moment, he’s still eating, enjoying walks etc, but we know that we will have a difficult decision to make soon. But as long as he’s enjoying life we’ll keep him going….


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