52 in 2015 Week 49

Interesting one this week. Processing, before and after. This week I had time to capture two photographs.

The first one is a monument on the sea-front at Prestatyn called “Dechrau a Diwedd”. It’s Wels for Beginning and End and depending on your starting point it marks the start or end of the famous Offa’s Dyke walking trail

Dechrau a Diwedd

Corrections to the photograph above, were mainly to boost the colours and take out the ghosted herring gull. I also removed the top of a bench that you can just see sticking up over the wall on the left hand side of the monument.

In the photograph below it was just a case of cropping in closer and enhancing the stained glass which was a bit over exposed. Easy enough to correct in Adobe Lightroom

Saint Melidens Church

That’s it – Mike

3 thoughts on “52 in 2015 Week 49

  1. Number two and four are absolute marvels. I remember that you have photographed the incredible sculpture before. And the stained glass is more than beautiful. I don’t understand how the artisans created the stained glass hundreds of years ago. I’m going to Google that and see what I find about the process.

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    1. The best time to photograph that sculpture is at sunset Yvonne. It positively glows. Stained glass is a work of art and there are so many churches in the UK that have it. Some are simple, some are really ornate. Difficult to photograph some times but I like the challenge.

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