Nan Lian Garden – Hong Kong

Wandering around Nan Lian Garden in Hong Kong the first thing that strikes me is the peace and tranquillity. Surrounded by high-rise buildings and busy overhead roadways in the Diamond Hill area of Hong Kong it really does surprise me how quiet it is.

Nan Lian Gardens

The photograph above is a panorama of the gardens. To see it at it’s best I urge you to click on it and view it larger size on my Flickr photo stream.

There was so much to see and photograph. I spent hours in the gardens and the nearby Chi Lin Nunnery. But here’s a selection of a few photographs from the gardens.

Pavilion of Absolute Perfection

The Pavilion of Absolute Perfection sits in the middle of a lake in the park. It’s closed to visitors but I quite like the angle of view I’ve got here. It’s a popular item to be photographed so you’ve got to pick your moment.

Just Posing

Don’t expect any leeway here. I had the tripod set up, just getting ready to take the photograph and in she walked. I’d normally change street photographs like this to Black and White but I decided to stay with the colour version. Nice dress!

At the back of the tea house is this artificially created waterfall. It’s not a great photograph but I thought I’d include it anyway just to show how much variety there is to photograph in the park.


Another one of the pavilion. Can you see what I mean about being surrounded by high-rise buildings.

Repairing The Fence

Of course the park needs maintenance and a team of volunteers work tirelessly to keep the park in good condition.

This is just a short view of Nan Lian Gardens. I hope you enjoyed the photographs.

8 thoughts on “Nan Lian Garden – Hong Kong

    1. If you use Adobe Lightroom try adjusting the Vibrance slider slightly positive. It will increase the colours without over saturating. But I also have my camera set to provide vibrant colours

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  1. I’ve been there several times. It is good but they are very strict about not photographing people. This and Wong Tai Sin are very accessible. Nice memories.

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    1. First time I’d been there, Andrew. Didn’t know about the people but the security seemed more intent on stopping people getting too close to anything that was roped off. Get within about three feet of the barrier for the pavilion and they were telling people off.


  2. Amazing shots of a stunning garden. Oh, I just love virtual travelling and thanks to Ruth, I can travel some more and see gorgeous sights like this. I think the shot you took of the artificially created waterfall is perfect. I would look great as a painting and it completes the sense of the tranquility and peace you were talking about. I would just stay there all day long. I can also see great care is taken with the garden and glad that you kept the street shots in colour. That is a nice dress indeed. 😀

    Thanks for sharing Mike. I loved this trip. 😀

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    1. Like I said Sonel we spend all day in the gardens and the monastery across the road. Compared to the hustle and bustle of Hong Long it was just so peaceful and what we needed. A bit of quiet.. I’m glad yu liked the photographs and thank you for taking the time to comment

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      1. I would definitely spend all day there as well Mike. It’s truly just so beautiful there. You’re very welcome. 😀


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