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Well I’ve finally managed to get round to start processing some of the photographs from my Hong Kong trip. An area I’ve always liked is Mong Kok, it’s vibrant, colourful and not so touristy as Tsim Sha Tsui and so we choose to base ourselves here during our holiday. But it wasn’t just a holiday. My son lives in Hong Kong, so it’s an ideal opportunity to catch up with him and spend a few weeks together. As I explained in an earlier blog post, this trip I was going to concentrate more on the people and the sights in the less touristy areas. Not for me the Harbour, the view from the Peak, or Symphony of Lights, keep that. Been there, done that, seen the film, got the tee-shirt.

2015_Hong Kong Mongkok At Night_0001

Mong Kok has several street markets and walking around them gives plenty of opportunities for street photography. Normally I would convert my street photographs to Black and White, but like I said Mong Kok is colourful so it seems appropriate to keep my photographs that way as well.

2015_Hong Kong Street Market_0002

Wandering around the market you can see stalls selling fish, meat, clothes, just about anything.

2015_Hong Kong Butcher_0001

To our standards in the UK this is very unhygienic. The butcher’s shop is open to the streets with people passing by all the time and yet it seems to be the norm as I saw several butchers shops like this. I’m not going to judge, I’m not buying but I must admit it does make for an interesting photograph.

Continuing through the market I found one of several fish vendors.

2015_Hong Kong Fish Vendor_ 0001

Choose your fish and let the lady do, whatever she does. Hong Kong is a street photographers dream, so many interesting faces and as long as you’re discreet you can catch some good photographs. All I did here was keep my camera low and as I walked about I just fired off the shutter. Face-detection, if you’ve got it helps and a reasonably fast shutter speed.

2015_People In The Streets_0002

I’m not sure if I got busted here, but the gentleman didn’t say anything so I just carried on walking. generally I found most people were more interested in going about their business rather than paying attention to me.

2015_People In The Streets_0001

As well a the larger stalls, you find the smaller ones like this. I really love the eclectic mix of vendors that you can find in the market.

2015_Hong Kong Street Vendor_0001

And now for something a bit different. A jeweller’s shop just a short distance from the market. Twenty four Karat gold. It’s too yellow for me. They tell you the weight, not the price. You have to go into the shop and find out what the price is that day.

2015_Shopping For Gold Jewellery_0001

Well that’s it. This is just a small selection of the photographs I took whilst I was on holiday. I hope it gives you an insight into street markets in Hong Kong.

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24 thoughts on “Hong Kong Street Life

    1. A long time ago we spoke about taking photo’s in the street, Patti, and I said I didn’t have he confidence. Nowadays I really enjoy it thanks to some great information and help from a photographer called Matt Hart.


    1. Shot from hotel through the window Timothy. I just turned off all the lights and got the lens as close to the window as possible. Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment and I’m glad you liked the photographs


      1. Mike…It’s the way of life here in Asia! I can’t imagine where poor people will go, if these street vendors disappear (thanks to some law, restricting their practice)!!


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