Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

Way back in July 2008 I got up early to walk the dogs. Stepping out of the house I could see a thick plume of black smoke rising into the sky. “Photo opportunity” was my immediate thought. But where? Who was going t walk the dogs? Leave that to the wife thinks I. Ten minutes later I was on the seafront watching and photographing the iconic pier at Weston-super-Mare burning to the ground.


At the time I thought this sign was so ironic, especially as the pier, which was one of the biggest attractions had all but gone. So for this weeks challenge I thought I’d dig out this photograph from my archive.

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

  1. I found this interesting, Mike. I’ve being doing some research on Weston-super-Mare. I’m toying with the idea of a book, based on my great grandmother’s life and one of the settings would (will) be Weston-super-Mare in the mid 1800’s. And thank you for the pingback 🙂

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    1. I lived in Weston-Super-Mare for about 12 years before moving to Wales. But all through my life since I was 18 I’ve visited it off and on. When I was in the RAF, one of our training camps was at Locking, just outside Weston, Lynne

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  2. I was on a recently-refurbished pier in or near Weston-super-Mare in the mid-nineties. There were planks bearing donors’ names including those of my (then) inlaws. Would this have been the same pier or the one in Clevedon? I’m guessing from what I read in Wikipedia that it would have been in Clevedon. Too bad about the fire. Have they managed to rebuild and reopen it?

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    1. That would be the Clevedon Pier. Yes they did rebuild the pier in Weston. Bigger and better although I never got to visit it as by the time they did I had moved to North Wales. Apparently it was an electrical fault which caused the fire.

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