52 in 2016 Week 5 Shadows.

I don’t know what’s going on with WordPress at the moment, but in the last week every comment notification has ended up in my Junk Mail. But it’s not only that. In some case I’m not being notified that a comment has been posted on my blog.

So I’d like to apologise if it takes me a while to answer. This really annoys me because I’ve never knowingly not replied to comments made, good or bad.

Rant over. Normally, for this challenge, I would go out and find a nice sunny scene with lots of shadows being cast. But with the weather we’ve had recently, there’s not been much sun around. So I’m going for a bit of a literal interpretation of this challenge.

52 in 2016 Week 5 Shadows

The National Slate Museum at Llanberis is a great place to wander around. They openly encourage photography and on a cold winters day it’s nice to stay out of the rain and still get to do some photography. The museum is set in the old workshops of the Dinorwic Quarry and has been left as though the workers had gone home for the day.

Wandering around the workshops, you will find some dark shadowy areas where the dim lighting hardly reaches. I told you it was a literal interpretation this week.

One area I like, is the Pattern Loft. Here there are genuine shadows cast by the natural light shining through the dusty windows. Look closely at the window and you can see the cobwebs.

52 in 2016 Week 5 Shadows_0002

That’s it. I hope you enjoyed the photographs.

8 thoughts on “52 in 2016 Week 5 Shadows.

  1. I don’t know how you do it but you make the old machinery and buildings look beautiful. I like old things anyway and this is an expressive and impressive set of photos. I like that the shaft of light beaming from the cob-webbed window.

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    1. Practice makes perfect, Yvonne. I’ve visited this museum many times and each time I find something new to photograph but I always process the photographs to make them look dark with a softish glow

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  2. Everything technology related (people related, weather related, world related, politics related) has been wonky. I’m glad these shots weren’t eaten by the great blogosphere. I like them very much. I especially love the hallway. I’m finding, remembering, I like looking into distances and seeing details. Thank you.

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