Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love

Short one this week. I’ve been so busy with everything but photography. Whilst on my Berlin trip I came upon this man and his dog. From the way he dresses he looks like he could be down on his luck, but the dog looks well fed and very muscular. Who am I to say though? I don’t really know his circumstances.

One Man And His Dog

Anyway he hangs around Alexander Platz in the centre of Berlin and for a donation he will get the dog to sort of perform on the skate-board. Or you can buy a bratwurst from one of the street vendors who frequent this area which he shares with the dog.

That’s it for this week. Here’s what others are saying about this weeks challenge

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love

  1. Thank you very much for the mention! Also, I love this shot! I’m beginning to fall in love with street photography. I’ve discovered that it goes hand in hand with my love of traveling, people-watching, and experiencing different cultures. If you’re interested in street photography, particularly in black and white, I recommend checking out the photographer Dave Heath’s work. I just wrote a post (http://whereioughttobe.com/2016/02/18/feeling-artsy/) on an exhibition of his photographs a few weeks ago.

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    1. A few years back I wouldn’t have dreamt of shooting like this or any type of street. But after doing a couple of walks with a brilliant street photographer called Matt Hart http://www.matthewhartphotography.com/ I really enjoy it.

      I had a look at Dave’s work some interesting photographs in the slide show, I especially like the Kansas City and Greenwich Village ones

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  2. This is a good one with the bulldog. I’ve seen videos on You Tube of bulldogs skating away on surfboards and skateboards. And as you have written, the dog is well cared for.


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