Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

I’m sitting in my nice warm office whilst outside the sleet and hail are coming down. I suspect by now the snow in the National Park will be quite thick, especially on the higher slopes. So it’s probably best right now to avoid the area. Just as well this weeks challenge is Abstract which means I can maybe work from my back catalogue rather than venturing forth into the wild weather. But what is Abstract Photography?

There has been no commonly used definition of the term “abstract photography”. Books and articles on the subject include everything from a completely representational image of an abstract subject matter, such as Aaron Siskind‘s photographs of peeling paint, to entirely non-representational imagery created without a camera or film, such as Marco Breuer‘s fabricated prints and books. The term is both inclusive of a wide range of visual representations and explicit in its categorization of a type of photography that is visibly ambiguous by its very nature. – Source Wikipedia. In other words, anything goes, or that’s how I choose to interpret it.

So without further ado, here’s the first of my photographs. It’s the side of a triangular build with one side lit by the sun and the other side in shade.


Now I have to say I’m not a fan of abstracts in photography, I prefer structure, a definitive subject but hey ho…..

Not sure if you could call this one abstract or not. If I tried to create this normally I would have probably failed. But sometimes from a mistake comes something you can use. Quite simply I had too slow a shutter speed and I was moving and you can see the results here. Yeah! Let’s call it abstract.

Dark and Gritty

Abstraction in photography is ridiculous, and is only an imitation of painting. We stopped imitating painters a hundred years ago, so to imitate them in this day and age is laughable. – Berenice Abbott

Abstract 2

Black and White, Let’s try everything and because I liked the first one I thought I would do it again. Both of these are weird structures in the city of Berlin but I like them both.

Abstract 3

Are they abstract? Who knows? Tell me what you think.

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

    1. I’m definitely more of a landscape guy, but that’s maybe because I have the Snowdonia National Park in my back yard, That’s where I feel more at home with my photography

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  1. Well… I have no idea what abstract entails. In my opinion, the blurred image of a person is more abstract but then what I think means nothing. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of abstract and never will be. But I understand that you are following a challenge guide.

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