Colour or Black and White

At the weekend I met up with a gang of photographers and I must admit I got some really interesting sunset photographs from Crosby beach.

On The Beach Colour

Out there on the mud flats on my own wasn’t exactly fun but the colours are very dramatic and worth the wait, even if I was sinking into the mud. But when I got home and started to look at the photographs I started to think maybe it would look more dramatic and give a sense of loneliness if it were in black and white.

On The Beach

What do you think? Colour or Black and White.

24 thoughts on “Colour or Black and White

  1. Sunsets in black and white are so very emotive, they set the scene without the colours taking over. Your B&W version for me gives a very lonely yet dramatic feel. I do like the colour too; that bright orange is pretty amazing.

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    1. I’m still not sure about the B+W version. In some ways I like it and although I’m a fan of Ansell Adams I still think that in todays modern digital world maybe landscapes should be shown in full colour. After all that’s what our eyes see.

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      1. I guess it comes down to what you want to show. Colour gives the viewer the full and accurate (within parameter) of the place and time. B&W focusses on the composition and uses contrast to portray the mood. Both are valid it’s up to you what you are trying to achieve. If you will forgive the link to my own work i took this and for me black and white was definately the way to go, there is a colour version of a subsequent shot next to it which I also like for a more warm feeling. Admittedly the colours that night weren’t as good as yours and that may have swayed me toward B&W

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  2. Not sure why but I also like the way the airplane trails reflected in the pool at your feet point directly to you.

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  3. In this case I think I like color the best. The B&W is kind of lifeless, No pun intended here. It’s just flat and doesn’t show much of anything. I am a huge fan of B&W but no in this scene.

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      1. Me too…. I feel generally color Photography works for me
        I like black and white /monochrome only where emotions need to be highlighted or it has to depicted as timeless.

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