A Big Thank You

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of your for your comments and follows on my blog over the past week. As you can guess it has been pretty hectic since my article about Ansell Adams was published as an Editor’s pick on WordPress Discover. Not that I’m complaining.


At the moment I’m busy trying to prepare for a holiday starting Monday and at the same time acknowledge all the comments that you have submitted over the past few days. As well as try to have a look at all the bloggers who have chosen to follow Say It With A Camera. Hopefully I will get around to acknowledging all your comments before I go on holiday as once I am away I have very limited access to the internet. You’ve got to take a break sometime.

But in going away I’m also taking my camera and will probably end up shooting a lot of photographs as we are visiting the rugged North East coast of England and maybe a short trip into Scotland as well

The photograph was taken in South Africa just outside Cape Town An evening of Motivation and Music.


21 thoughts on “A Big Thank You

  1. Great photo of the musician in native garb. I wondered about the location until I got near the end. Scotland is a beautiful place according to photographs that I’ve seen. I hope you find time for getting some great pics for your followers to view.

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    1. Just arrived at Berwick upon Tweed a town that has been fought over in past times by both the Scots and English. Really weird some people have Scots accents other have English.

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  2. I think I am utterly confused today. I clicked on a past post that said you were not blogging anymore and then discovered it was from about 2 years ago. So sorry that I am commenting twice here and one time on that other post. Just wanted you to know that I not quite totally bonkers-yet. 🙂

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