The Flying Scotsman

Sure I’m Scots but it’s not me I’m talking about, it’s the train.

Probably one of the UK’s most recognised locomotives, the Flying Scotsman has returned to service hauling tours around Britain after an extensive refurbishment, and I was lucky to catch it today as it passed through North Wales.

Flying Scotsman

Built in 1923 for the London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) at Doncaster Works to a design of Sir Nigel Gresley, the Flying Scotsman was employed as an express train on the East Coast Main Line running from London to Edinburgh, a distance of 392 miles. During it’s time in service, before it was retired in 1963, the Flying Scotsman a world record; it was the first steam train to reach 100mph. Later in the 1980’s it would be the first steam train to clock up the longest ever non-stop run of 422 miles during a tour of Australia.

8 thoughts on “The Flying Scotsman

  1. Wonderful! It takes me back to the late 50’s when, as a kid, I used to travel by train from Oxford to Reading. The sound of the train, all its snorting, groaning, wheezing, and whistling was just magic. Such a shame everything moves on. Hello efficiency, goodbye romance.

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    1. After years of neglect, Yvonne, it’s just gone through a program of major refurbishment costing millions. The Flying Scotsman is owned by the National Rail Museum, based at York. The idea is to get this iconic train out and about so people can see it. Of course to travel costs a fair bit.

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      1. People will probably pay the price to ride the train no matter the cost. I’m pretty sure that in the end the millions spent will sort of pay for itself. I would hope that it will be a tourist attraction.


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