Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry On Top

I suppose that “Cherry On Top” moment for me was when I realised how beautiful the Snowdonia National Park was and the amazing photo opportunities I could have there. Having moved from Somerset it was nearly a year before I first ventured into Snowdonia.

Ogwen Valley

This was the first photograph I ever took in the National Park on a cold winters day, late in the afternoon. I’ve lost count of the number of photography trips I’ve made to this and the surrounding areas but it never ceases to inspire me.

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16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry On Top

  1. From Zummerzet to Snowdonia, eh? A lifetime away, each from the other. Lovely photo. I went on a walking tour, out from Llanberis in the days of my youth. This does bring back memories.

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          1. I love Weston: used to go there from Cardiff on the paddle steamer to watch Somerset vs Glam; I remember Wilf Wooller bowling to Bill Alley … two mighty powerful men … Those were the days …


  2. Beautiful photograph, Mike. I’ve got photos of LLyn Ogwen, but they’re very mediocre compared to this. Well done!


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