Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

The last of our summer visitors have gone and whilst it’s been fun having them we need to get ready for our vacation at the end of the month. Meanwhile I need to get this weeks challenge article written and as usual I’m late.

In Conwy there is a house so small it’s been classified as the smallest house in Britain. No one lives in it now, it’s mainly a tourist attraction which attracts a lot of visitors and , as you can guess, gets photographed a lot.

The Smallest House

It’s not the white one at the side , that’s a completely different house, it’s just that little red one……….

Smallest House

…..and just to give you an idea of how small, here it is with people in the photograph.

The Smallest House

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

  1. Wow! That house is really small! I completely didn’t realise how tiny it was until I saw the photo with people in front of it. Great capture! 🙂


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