Goodbye Olympus, Hello ???

It saddens me to say this but I’m going to have to say goodbye to my trusted E-M1 from Olympus and seek a more robust camera. As regular readers will know I had a problem with my E-M1 whilst on holiday in Germany. It suddenly developed a green squiggly line in the viewfinder. Fortunately it did not affect the finished photographs and I was able to continue to use the camera whilst I was away.

And now comes the sad part, I thought the camera was still under warranty so I sent it off to be repaired. Later that week I got a bill from the repair centre. My receipt that I got when I bought the camera wasn’t the original bill of sale. I knew the camera was second hand when I bought it from the dealer but I didn’t think there would be a problem when I registered the camera for warranty purposes when I bought it. Turns out I was wrong.

But there’s a second part to this. Apparently damage to the viewfinder isn’t covered under warranty as the service centre took pains to explain to me recently in a letter.

The EVF (as mentioned in the manual) should not be allowed to sit next to, or within direct sources of light or heat as this may cause damage to the TFT LCD screen within the viewfinder.
Excess heat will cause a rainbow effect on the screen, a light source will cause small dots or worm like burns in yellow and green. Something very similar to the effect on the main image sensor.

However you can drop the camera and that will be covered, as Olympus take great pains to say in this months edition of their online users magazine.

So why am I saying goodbye? Simple really. I no longer trust my E-M1 to perform in all weather conditions, in fact, I have become quite paranoid about it. The only way the viewfinder could have been damaged whilst I was on holiday, was with exposure to sunlight. I didn’t knowingly sit it next to a source of bright light but I suppose if the camera was hanging at my side, I use a Black Rapid strap, then it could had the sun shining onto the viewfinder all the time. In that case, there probably would be damage, but I ask myself, is the E-M1 fit for purpose, or maybe I should ask is the E-M1 fit for the way I use it.  Clearly I do not especially as my paranoia about sun damage has stretched to me putting a piece of masking tape over the viewfinder. I’m not having the sun get at it again, ending in me having to pay for another repair.

To be fair my local camera shop, where I bought my E-M1, have tried to help me resolve the problem, as did the local Olympus rep. But this is all down to trust. I need to know that I can trust the E-M1 in all weathers but I no longer do, so sadly it’s time to say goodbye.

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  1. It sucks when something goes wrong and you stop trusting it anymore. I hope you find a solution that works for you. I broke my camera recently (completely my own fault) at the same time I was losing faith in my arm to continue to lift the damn thing. I’m going to downsize from SLR to mirrorless and trying to decide on make/model. Good luck with your search!


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