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Over the years I have written about many of the places I have visited in North Wales but never really shown you much of where I live; Prestatyn. It’s a typical small town bordered on one side by the sea and on the other by a range of hills, which are supposed to protect us from the harsher winter elements. Do they? Don’t know, but when all around gets snow we don’t see a lot in Prestatyn. But there again we do live by the sea and that’s always good, too much salt in the air for snow and ice to settle.

Anyway to the photographs. Prestatyn High street is typical of many small towns you can find, some empty units, some that never seem busy and some quite bustling. What more can I say.

High Street

There is evidence that the area around Prestatyn was settled in prehistoric finds with artifacts found in caves nearby. The Romans were definitely here as there are still the remains of a bath house to be found situated in the midst of a housing estate. No other Roman buildings exist, probably because the land they may have been buried under was excavated and built on. More on that later.

High on the hill above Prestatyn there lies a bronze sculpture of one side of a Roman legionnaires helmet. With the existence of the bath house it is thought that Prestatyn was probably the site of a Roman fort on the road from Chester to Caernarfon.

Roman Helmet

The sad thing is most people in Prestatyn probably don’t even know it exists , especially as it’s sited an area that very few visitors to the town would venture to. Still staying with old Prestatyn. Up until the arrival of the railway and holidaymakers in the 19th and 20 century the population of Prestatyn was very small. But Prestatyn had something that city dwelling Victorians considered very healthy; fresh air, clean seas, fantastic beaches and promenade entertainers. Prestatyn suddenly became a very popular place to visit.

Nowadays most of the tourists have gone but we still have fresh air, clean seas and the fantastic beaches that stretch for miles and miles. We also get some amazing sunsets….

Long Beaches

If you look in the photograph above you can see to the right a small object sticking up from the sea. It’s a marker for part of the sea defences which become submerged when the tide comes in. But when it goes out you can walk out to those markers and sometimes beyond. So not only are our beaches long, they’re also wide.

Beach Marker

However, we also get exceptionally high tides several times a year and our sea defences have to be able to cope not only with the high tide but also a storm surge if the wind whips the sea up even higher, Unfortunately a couple of years ago the defences were breached just a little bit further up the coast and many houses were flooded.

Stormy Seas

Although Prestatyn is a small town the surrounding area is very rural so we sort of have the benefits of both worlds.

Evening Sunset


Dechrau a Diwedd

Back to the sea again, it’s the best part and those sunsets….what more can I say.

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20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Local

  1. Lovely pictures as always Mike. You surely live in a great place. Beautiful town! I love the market Street which is typical of small town as you pointed out. And beautiful sun and sea!! You’re lucky Mike

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      1. That’s great..decline in business wouldn’t be good for anyone..business owners and residents! Revival is rare though but sounds good! 🙂


    1. Thank you, The high street really was grab shot, as to the sunsets, I do like to see them developing, If it looks like I’m going to get a good one, I can be down on the beach in minutes.

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  2. Great photos Mike, especially the one of Preststyn High Street, it’s the sort of photo most people don’t consider taking, but not only is it interesting now, it will be of immense interest as time goes by. Also love the photo and info about the Legionnaires Helmet Sculpture, I see that the folk of Prestatyn are like those of Glenrothes……………so many of them don’t realise what is right on their doorstep!!! Thanks for the wee plug Mike, it’s really appreciated 🙂

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    1. I had a look at a lot of photographs I’ve been posting recently, Yvonne, and was amazed at how much they were devoid of colour. I just hadn’t noticed until my wife mentioned it to me the other day. I did a set from the National Park and when she saw them she asked me if the weather was bad as the photographs looked so dull. Like she said, it’s autumn you should have bright orange colours on the hillsides….

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  3. Thanks to the magic of Google Maps, I was able to visit Prestatyn. You didn’t show us the Roman baths! And I’d love to see the interior of Christ’s Church. But from the photos of yours and the ones on Maps, it was cool to visit. The town looks very clean and neat. So a car trip around England and Wales is on my bucket list; I’ll add Prestatyn although goodness know, I’ll never be able to pronounce it correctly. Thanks for the journey!

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    1. Well Janet I suppose we don’t always appreciate what we have. It’s interesting that you say the town looks clean, they must have taken the photographs in the winter when there are no holiday makers here.

      It’s not a bad little town with easy access to major transport routes, we have a train station and a now shopping centre. But best of all it’s the beaches and the sand dunes for me.

      You know I must have photographed many of the old historic churches in North Wales but I’ve never been in Christ Church, something I really should rectify.


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