Is Flickr Dying?

If you read this I really would like your comments on the quality of the photographs which are being stored on the WordPress Server rather than my usual Flickr versions

Over the past couple of weeks or so I have been picking up rumours on the web that Flickr as a service may well be terminated since it’s sale to Verizon by Yahoo. I sincerely hope not as I host all of my blog photographs on Flickr. In fact for me it would be a downright disaster as there would be so many broken links on Say It With A Camera, making it almost unreadable.

I was never happy with the way WordPress handled my photographs and the let’s face it the 3GB limit is measly in comparison to the 1TB that Flickr allow. I know, I know, some of you will be saying “what do you expect from a free service?” But here’s the thing. The ideal size for a photograph on my current theme is 994 pixels wide on the longest edge, and ideally you should keep the file size to between 60 and 150kb, whereas when I use Flickr my file size is 2048 pixels on the longest edge. Now that doesn’t really matter as WordPress will display the Flickr photograph at 994 pixels, but click on it and you will see the larger size photograph in all it’s glory.

Also for convenience when I write my blog, I do so of-line using Windows Live Writer and the very excellent Flickr plugin from Tim Heuer. WLW allows me to write my blog in slow time, I can save a copy on my hard drive as well. With the Flickr plugin I can embed photographs without worrying about resizing or positioning as it’s all taken care of in WLW.

So anyway as an experiment  am going to use the WordPress Media storage option to try and see if it has become a better viable option for storing my blog photographs. You may have seen these photographs before, but this is just an experiment so bear with me. There won’t be too much of a write-up as this is about the quality and placement of the photographs

First up this wonderful bridge over the River Clyde in Glasgow

Over The Bridge

Followed by Rhyl Harbour with a sunset.

Rhyl Harbour

Now we have a Black and White of wind turbines off the coast of Prestatyn

Wind Turbines

What about this shot with a 300mm Olympus lens?


If you go to Berlin you can see one of the two Soviet War Memorials, this one was in the west when Berlin was a divided city.

llyn Ogwen

Right, what else do we have? How about a nice sunset at Talacre Beach?

Talacre Lighthouse at Sunset

Finally let’s finish with another sunset, this time at

Orange and Blue

That’s it. I really would appreciate it if you could take the time to comment about the quality of the photographs after WordPress has done whatever it does to them.

9 thoughts on “Is Flickr Dying?

  1. Cardinal Guzman November 1, 2016 / 10:41

    I haven’t heard anything about Flickr dying. I surely hope not!
    Like you say: “the 3GB limit is measly in comparison to the 1TB that Flickr allow”.
    The quality on your photos here are good, but 994 is a bit small.

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    • Mike Hardisty November 1, 2016 / 13:29

      994 Pixels is the size my blog theme wants. In the past I have tried to put larger sizes and had problems with formatting. The Flickr rumours have been bouncing around for some time now, I’m seriously hoping that Verizon do not pull the plug. But it’s all about money and Flickr does not make enough. Even trying to get a problem with Flickr sorted has become a bit of a chore. I haven’t had email notifications on favourites, comments, invites etc for months now. I’m not alone, but the problem does not seem to be getting resolved


  2. maristravels November 1, 2016 / 12:19

    I’m no photographic expert but these look exceptional to me. I always click on the photo i like to get a larger version and have nearly always been happy. Some of the WP photos can be disappointing but I put this down to the photographer, not WP.

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    • Mike Hardisty November 1, 2016 / 13:25

      That will be the problem if I use WordPress there won’t be a larger version because I would have resized the photographs to 994 for the blog.


  3. maristravels November 1, 2016 / 14:00

    Yes, of course, my mind must have wandered off the subject.

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  4. Kris Mercer November 1, 2016 / 16:20

    At least with Flickr all the information is right there on the page. I can’t find anything in the wp photo, it seems to be stripped of all metadata. The photos themselves are fine though.


    • Mike Hardisty November 4, 2016 / 08:40

      I never noticed that, Kris. I think I’m going to stick with Flickr until something concrete is said


  5. Photos With Finesse November 1, 2016 / 17:09

    Mike, I think 994 is plenty large enough. Unless you’re viewing it on a huge screen, it still gives you plenty with which to see details, of course dependent on dpi used. My own WP template needs to be updated because it’s not accepting anything above 600px wide and condenses all my images. That’s one of the challenges with WordPress. If your blog templates aren’t keeping up with WP parameters, you run into issues.

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  6. SilverFox November 2, 2016 / 16:13

    There has been recent development released on Flickr so maybe it won’t be dying; we may see some changes though to make it more profitable. Regarding you pictures, I think they look fine in the size they are.
    I suspect the majority of readers will be using a screen with a resolution of 1920 or less so your previous resolution of 2048 was on the high side. I also suspect the many readers will just look at the page as it is (or just the email notification) and not expand for the full image. Of course there are many people looking via a tablet or phone so the revolution is even less of an issue.

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