Transmogrify–Is That A Word?

It’s early morning, the sun is up and I’m sitting in my study watching a rainbow form out to sea. Looks like we are going to be in for some heavy weather as the clouds are really dark and rain laden. How transient a rainbow can be. There one minute and then gone in a second. Anyway I digress. This weeks challenge is one of those WordPress ones that I hate. To me it is ambiguous, that’s a big word for so early in the morning, I prefer solid subjects.

Where better to see change than Autumn, especially on the mountains, the bracken changes from green to gold, the trees start to take on those brilliant patches of orange, reds and yellow whilst patches of sunlight breaking through the clouds dapple the slopes.

Autumn Colours

As winter approaches the landscape will change. The lake will freeze up, the tree will lose its leave sand I can guarantee that there will be snow here. Even now the heather has lost it’s brilliant purple hue as it gets ready for winter.

Llyn Ogwen

The night before last I went to Talacre Beach, it’s been a while since I’ve been there, mainly because of tourists. In the summer time it’s almost impossible to get a good photograph of the lighthouse or a sunset. You can forget that. because there will always be someone there clambering over the rocks or steps. You can’t stop them, the beach is open to everyone and lots stay for the sunsets. But in the late Autumn and Winter it’s totally different. For a start the sunset is a lot earlier, although not out to sea. But the other good thing, you hardly see anyone on the beach. It’s too cold for most people. Talacre is long and open with no protection from the prevailing winds which tend to be from the sea, so you have to wrap up well.

Talacre Sunset

Sunsets too are very brief. The light changes so fast but at this time of the year you get those great cloud formations which make for some amazing colours in the sky when the sun sets. Finally I’d like to leave you with another Autumn scene looking down the valley towards Snowdon in the distance. Anyone could get this photograph, it’s taken from a roadside stop on the main A5 road just outside Betws-y-Coed.


So that’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the photographs – Mike

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14 thoughts on “Transmogrify–Is That A Word?

  1. Beautiful captures Mike!
    Sometimes I think nature has given us all different set of views. When I look at pictures from UK they have a different feel to them – colors and hues, there’s so much mysticism around these pictures because there’s some sort of element…let’s call it “X”. But when I look at pictures from Asia, the light is so bright and there’s so much color. The bloggers from Europe and USA who look at my pictures say there’s so much color in these scenes here whereas for me its just things as usual.

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    1. Sometimes I think the light is too dark to get a decent photograph but for me grey cloudy skies give real mood shots. When we get bright sunny day here I very rarely photograph landscape the light is too harsh, instead I go for wildlife.

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  2. Transmogrify or not the top scene had me looking at it for a very long time. The colors of nature are magnificent and I think you shot this picture in a perfect manner. It is stunning to me. Rock and trees and the low growing vegetation are all colors that I love. I suppose I have a love affair with the colors of nature. man can reproduce them but nature has the advantage.\

    The sunset photo with the lighthouse is perfect as well. And the last one is a stunner too. I really am very fond of these photos.

    You are right about photographing when it’s overcast. The lighting is perfect and colors do not washout and there are no shadows to contend with. Photographing people in the shade also gives the best skin tones without harsh shadows. Or at least that is one thing that I learned many years ago. 🙂

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    1. That first one was shot on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park, Yvonne. The valley is called Nant Ffrancon and is one of my favourite photography spots, although I’m usually somewhere down in the valley. There’s a single track road running through the valley but most people never use it because a much better road is further up the side of the valley. In fact I’m standing at the side of the road to take this photograph. You can see the road in the second photograph.

      The lighthouse is the lighthouse and I never tire of photographing it, especially in winter when the beach is so much quieter.

      As to the final photograph, once again this is a road side stop, which looks down another valley towards the Gwydyr Forest and the Snowdon Horseshoe, which is a series of peaks, including Mount Snowdon, in a horseshoe sort of formation


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