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My mailbox is full. Just under 400 messages from WordPress in the space of a couple of days with comments on “It’s A Kind Of Magic” and new followers to “Say It With A Camera”. It’s going to take me some time to catch up with all of your comments and have a look at my new followers blogs.

So I’d like to thank you all for your kind comments and follows and I promise over the next week I will get round to replying and visiting your blogs.

In the meantime I’d like to show you some photographs from an area that I have the fortune to have in my back yard – the Snowdonia National Park. It’s such a beautiful and wild place to visit, yet easily accessible and because of this it is difficult to find areas where you can be truly alone. This photograph of Pen-Yr-Ole-Wen (that’s the mountains name, looks remote and yet at the bas of the mountain lies one of the busy main roads through the national park.

Pen-yr-Olwen Reflections

In the park you will find sheep, lots of them, Wales is well-known for it’s sheep farming, feral goats and these lovely little Welsh Ponies. Most of the year they live higher up on the slopes of the mountains but once the snows come they start to come lower down into the valleys which makes them more easy to photograph. Although most of the year they live quite wild I have found they are pretty friendly, you can even stroke them as long as you take it slow and easy. Of course like all wild animals you just have to be careful.


Throughout the park you will find evidence of abandoned dwellings from the 18/19th century, maybe earlier in some cases. These are left over from when sheep farmers had small holdings and lived a very simple way of life.

This Old House

That’s it and I will get round to everything this week – Mike

11 thoughts on “Discover–A Time To Catch Up

  1. I got a hue kick seeing the ponies. Any member of the equine family makes me smile. I wonder if the ponies get supplemental hay from park employees in the winter? All the photos are so beautiful. You really are fortunate to live near the park and I bet you picked the area for the photographing potential. 🙂

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    1. As far as I know they are on they’re own Yvonne but they are a very hardy breed used to the conditions that are found in the mountains, Once a year they are rounded up, given a health check and then sent back into the wild. The mountain ponies have grazed the Carneddau in Snowdonia for at least 500 years, and may even be descendants of the ancient Celtic pony.

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