This Should Be Fun

So as I’ve decided to move away from Flickr I though I’d better test if writing my blog posts in this new regime was actually going to work. I’ve always used Windows Live Writer for writing my posts, for once Microsoft have created a tool that actually works, even if they don’t support it anymore. So like I said “this should be fun”

My main objective in this post is to see if I can WLW to embed the photographs, that will be uploaded to the WordPress servers instead of Flickr. So here goes.

First up is a photograph I took in Germany whilst travelling on the River Rhine.

One of the many castles and vineyards on the Rhine

Now for another one, this is all about getting those photographs on, so not much talking today. This time we are on a canal in Amsterdam, Actually I’m standing on a bridge above the canal, but you get the idea.

Cruising on the Amsterdam canals

Let’s try a night scene this time from Koblenz in Germany

Monument on the River at Koblenz

Finally another one back on the river

Onion tower shaped building on the river side

I’m not sure, there’s a lot more work involved doing it this way, well not that much but it does seem slower. Also I have to cut the file size down, otherwise I would soon use up the measly 3Gb allowance that WordPress give us for hosting our photographs, so it will be interesting to see what the quality is like. That’s if they even get to the WordPress server.

Right then, here we go, I’m pressing that “Post Draft To Blog” button to send everything from my computer to WordPress. See you on the other side……

I’m on the other side, using the on-line editor from WordPress. Looks like the photographs transferred successfully. So time to go Publish and see what the final quality looks like.


10 thoughts on “This Should Be Fun

  1. Thanks for describing your blogging process – lots to think about.
    Since I have a relatively fast internet connection, I do everything online with the WordPress editor (the old one, not the new one.) I resize my photos before uploading, then drag and drop them with the ‘Add Media’ button. I’ve used about 4% of my media allowance to upload about 800 photos.

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    1. That’s a great tip. I always forget that I can resize the photos before uploading them. But since I keep most of my pictures on Flickr, I’m very pleased with just uploading them there and sharing the link on my posts. It’s worked well for me, without taking much space.


    2. I’m on a fast connection as well but I much prefer to work off-line, check everything is ok before uploading to the WordPress servers. Also sometimes I will start a post and finish it later. As WLW saves the posts I write it means I also have a local copy.

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  2. Well, for a contrary view…
    On my end, I only see one of the four photos actually load with the text…
    That means three of the photos actually show the little blue square question mark gif.
    If I click on the gif, then the photo loads in another window.
    Then I have to go back to get the rest of the text and any other photos.

    Seems there are a few bugs in the system, still…

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I have tried 3 different browsers on 3 different machines and I cannot replicate the problem you are having. As the files are now hosted by WordPress it may be that they have a problem but I have no control over that.


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