From Instagram: This is driving me crazy. I’m trying to integrate IFTTT to my Instagram Account with the idea of one post will cover all, at least for when i want to just do a quick post to Facebook or my blog on WordPress. Anyway this is the Berlin Dom which sits beside the River Spree #wp, #Berlin, #River Spree, #Berlin Dom

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    • It’s driving me crazy. I thought I could maybe use it to post the odd photograph to my blog when I’m out and about in the National Park. Show the scenery exactly as I see it at more or less the same time as I do. But those widgets don’t exactly perform as how you would expect them to as you can see from this post.

      I really need to play around more but I’m conscious that I’m spamming everyone whilst I’m playing….

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  1. I used to have WordPress linking to Facebook but the link kept falling over every few posts so I gave up. Hope you get it sorted. Lovely photo by the way!

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  2. Beautiful photo. The light is so lovely. I hope you get your apps or links or whatever sorted out. I don’t use Instagram. I stopped posting my pet portraits to Flickr several years ago. I Lost my password and just gave up.

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    • I’ve not really had much time to sort it out, Yvonne, spring is here or at least Elaine thinks it is. We’ve started on a program of painting and decorating the house, starting with our bedroom.

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    • I don’t. To be honest I’ve only started using Instagram and am still coming to grips with it. Still not sure I’m going to be using it big time though


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