Wednesday to Wednesday – Who Thought That One Up?

I really do not like this new schedule for the Weekly Challenge. Does anyone else? So once again I have to go with a little post because I’ve not got enough photographs.

Brown Rat

This is a Brown Rat. It showed no fear and as bold as brass it kept coming out in front of me as I sat in the bird hide at Big Pool Wood. Straight up the branch of a tree and out to the bird feeders. At it’s closest point it was no more than 5 feet from me.

That’s it for this week – Mike

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9 thoughts on “Wednesday to Wednesday – Who Thought That One Up?

  1. A close and unexpected encounter with a rat is something anyone would desire. Well I’m actually joking here but the photo surely is interesting. I’ve never met a rat eye ball to eye ball before but have seen them running along the rafters in my husband’s boat port. I’ve also seen them eating from my bird feeders. Many people keep domesticated rats as pets Rats never appealed to me, though. I like the pic very much.

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    1. I’m not a lover of them for sure. But it’s hard to resist a good photo opportunity, Yvonne. The problem is where there’s one there will probably be more and literally it’s nesting in a log right next to the bird hide. So it may be that action will have to be taken. but that’s probably up to the wildlife trust to decide.

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