I Have The Wanderlust – Do You?

I was born and raised in a big industrial city, near the shipyards on the River Clyde. Yet, by the time I reached 16 I had visited, thanks to a great educational program part funded by the City of Glasgow, some exotic an exciting places. The Azores.Canary Islands, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Corsica and Malta. This is where I developed my love of photography and travel, how I wish I still had those early photographs but anything I took then would have been left with my Mum for safekeeping. Anyway at 18 I got a job that allowed me to travel and live in different parts of the world. I met my future wife in Cyprus, now we live in North Wales and we’re still travelling.

OH God, take care of my loved ones.. provide me basic equipments, take me wherever i want to, make the season pleasant.. want to shoot more and more.. want to be a wanderlust always… can U? – Lakshman Iyer

So I was thinking this morning what photographs to show from my travels and I realised that my travel photography is totally different from what I do here in North Wales. Travel is about recording locations, more family orientated, you know, the touristy photographs that we all take when we are on holiday. No mountains, rivers, wildlife, sweeping landscapes, amazing sunsets, well very few of these……and look what I’ve got.


Yep! That’s me, way back then…this has to be around 1967/68. I look so young. Elaine found these in a collection of stuff that we brought back when my father passed several years ago.

It’s me again…


Look at that belt. Pure leather. I can remember where and when I bought that. Morocco. I bargained and bargained with this nice little guy for ages and we couldn’t agree a price. It was only when I got back on the bus to go back to the port that he finally cracked and I got the belt.

So that’s it for this week. I’m going to be on vacation for the next three weeks, doing a bit of travelling. Actually I’ve come full circle. I’m on a cruise visiting some of the places I did way back then.


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11 thoughts on “I Have The Wanderlust – Do You?

  1. Lovely pictures. Speaks of a different era. I wasn’t even born then but there’s something fascinating about those times. Evident in pictures and smiles

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  2. Great pictures of your youthful self–and is that lovely lady your wife? I love the feel of the two you shared–perhaps it is as the person noted above. But I think it is also the film used, the colors. Love that everyone looks pleased! I do feel the wanderlust bug but life hasn’t offered many opportunities to go abroad. I travel a great deal in the US and Canada. Husband travels near constantly for business–he gets to many good spots in the world, lucky guy!

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    1. No Cynthia, that wasn’t my wife, just a friend. I met my wife 5 years later. I travelled a lot for business as well but often found it was fly in, sort the problem and fly back out again, rarely getting to see any of the country I was in. But we did travel a lot on vacation to different countries, including the USA, both coasts and some states in the middle..

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  3. I’ve spent my whole life, actually, in wanderlust. In fact, this house where I now live is the longest I’ve lived anywhere in my entire life! We’re going on 14 years in one spot!! Amazing. Happy travels, Mike. Looking forward to your shots when you return. J.

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