Order, Order, Order

I was thinking about what to do with this weeks challenge, probably far too long, here we are Tuesday afternoon and I still haven’t written anything. But regular readers will know that I’m often on the last-minute.

Right now I’m starting to prepare for a talk I’m due to give next month about wildlife and aircraft I’ve photographed, entitled “Wings And Things”, my title not the clients.

I’m slowly working through a series of photographs, identifying ones that I could possibly use. Later on I will narrow it down and then start to build the presentation.

So to this weeks challenge….

The Kitchen

All those copper pans, that would be my idea of hell, trying to clean them after use. Imagine the poor scullery maid who would have to clean everything after a dinner party in the house.

Talking of dinner parties, everything neatly laid out on the table from cutlery, crockery, table decorations, even the chairs. Setting a formal table means that every place setting should be exactly the same. Butlers would often use a measuring device to ensure that everything on the table was in its exact place, to the millimetre. There is pride in getting it just right and rightly so.

Dining Room

Book after book, all neatly filed on the shelves. I sometimes wonder if they’ve all been read or where they just for show.

The Library

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  1. loved the chance to go back in your blog to see where these photos were taken. At first, I didn’t notice the perfectly placed items, as I just wanted to go there, stick my nose in what the woman was cooking and write a letter on the desk of the library. I loved that I could look twice and see how you captured the “order” or the day perfectly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for commenting. The woman actually was cooking for the staff at the National Trust property. They were also making soup on the open fire you can see. Carrot and coriander if I remember rightly. The smell of cooking food in the kitchen was fantastic

      Liked by 1 person

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