The Donkey Said “What’s Behind Me”

Last Saturday was Prestatyn’s annual carnival day and amazingly in the seven years I have lived here I’ve never attended. So with the challenge this week being unusual, I thought there might be a good photo opportunity.. How wrong I was. First of all there were loads of children in the floats and also in the marching bands. I don’t photograph children period. In this country you are likely to be accused of photographing for nefarious reasons, so it’s better to just switch the camera off.

But I did manage to get some photographs, not my normal landscapes or street photography, Something just a little different.

Behind You

Along with the carnival parade there’s also a fun-fare and donkeys. I love donkeys, sadly we don’t see them on the beach at Prestatyn, so I don’t know where this one has come from.

Of course there are loads of food stalls, Ice cream, well that whipped chemical they call ice-cream is popular, but give me the real stuff any day.

Ice Cream

…and they even do healthy smoothies, amazing. Good old Micky for thinking of people’s health.

Food Glorius Food

What do I want to capture most in my photographs ? Human emotion and the essence of human being. I am less interested in forcing my subjects into a visually interesting form or putting them against an unusual background. – Philippe Halsman

Lots of charities trying to raise a pound or two, good luck to them, make the most of it. Higher, Higher, Lower, Higher…….Bust

Play Your Cards Right

And the Town Crier was there too. I never even knew Prestatyn had a Town Crier. I never seen him in the town.

Oyez! Oyez!

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9 thoughts on “The Donkey Said “What’s Behind Me”

  1. The donkey is a beauty. I see that its blanket says Shoreline Trotters. He looks to be very well kept. So handsome. Maybe donkeys are being used somewhere on some beaches. I think I’ll go to Google and look for the name. Maybe by accident the name will be there.

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    1. It used to be a common thing on British Beaches to see Donkey’s giving rides to children. We still have a field near me, which is known locally as the “Donkey Field”, because that’s where they were grazed when they weren’t on the beach. Unfortunately we don’t have any on the beach at Prestatyn anymore

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  2. I found this via Google and the folks that have the donkeys are on FB. This is the name. Porth Erias Beach,

    Colwyn Bay in Wales.They give donkey rides on that beach. There were five donkeys in the pic, I think, if remember correctly.

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    1. Two or three towns up the coast from me, Yvonne. Colwyn Bay is one of those seaside towns which went into decline, but there’s starting to be a bit of a resurgence in beach holidays. so the Welsh government have been putting money into regeneration of the sea-front facilities

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