What’s In A Sunset? Macphun Luminar Windows Beta

I’m always willing to try new software and when Macphun anounced a beta version for Windows of their popular program for Mac called Luminar. I thought, why not? Especially as one of my favourite plugins NIK Color Efex is no longer supported by Google.

Luminar is already a well established piece of software for the Mac, so it will be interesting to see how it shapes up in Windows. As Macphun say;

Faster, even more powerful and now featuring Accent, the world’s first AI-powered photo filter. Make photos beautiful in seconds with 1 slider. Luminar adapts to your photo style to make complex photo editing easy and joyful. Prepare to be astonished.

So the first thing to note, this is still a beta version, it’s nowhere as feature rich as the Mac version, but I can still get a flavour of how the software works.

The first thing I noticed, there are quite a few ready-made presets, one click looks, that could fit a variety of purposes.

Normandy Sunrise

In the photograph above I have selected a  preset called Artistic Copper Strong. It’s quite good for any photograph that features a sunset.


But you can also use filters to affect certain elements of a photograph, such as sharpness, colour, foreground, All in all there are about 65 filters you can use to affect your photograph


This one was developed using some of the filters from Luminar

Night Star

Maybe it’s me, but during my first day of trialling Luminar I started gravitating to trying it out with sunsets, I seemed to be having better success with those. Photographs taken during the day didn’t seem to gain much advantage using Luminar. However it is early days, so I might change my mind.

Orange and Blue Sunset

Anyway, here’s a few photographs that I processed using Luminar

Nova Centre

Weston Beach Shelter


It’s far too early to draw a conclusion as to whether or not I would incorporate Luminar into my workflow. First of all the program is not complete and Macphun have a long way to go before the Windows version will equal the power of the Mac one. But it is still in beta.

At the moment, I have found it great with sunsets but I’m still indecisive as to ordinary photographs, personally I think NIK Color Efex does a better job.

Disclaimer: I’m not being paid to write this, nor am I getting free software, or anything like that. Macphun have made the beta free to download to all Windows users but the final version will be a paid model. I have included links to the Macphun Facebook page and their website in case anyone wishes to have a look at Luminar for themselves.

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19 thoughts on “What’s In A Sunset? Macphun Luminar Windows Beta

  1. Thanks for the head-up on Luminar. I shall upload it later and play around with it (I’m a sucker for things like this). I use Photoshop on Windows which I find more than satisfactory but always room for improvement. I’m still using Win 7 however.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No reason why it shouldn’t run in Windows 7. I do a lot of testing of software. some I really like and will continue to use. Others I just give up on if they don’t add anything to my photography


  2. Great photos Mike, the artistic copper setting has worked a treat with the plough photo!, And thanks for the info about Luminar for windows, I’ll certainly give it a go. I’ve hardly got any sunset photos, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes 🙂


  3. It looks really interesting. Still, I’m on such an endless learning curve with LR and PS that I hardly dare try any other software. I really love some of these photos – the first one is beautiful and I can see the advantage of Artistic Copper Strong. I also really like the photograph of the ferry. It’s something I do quite often – increase saturation in the subject and reduce it in the background, but in LR and PS it can be quite a painstaking process.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That ferry sort of happened more by accident, than anything else, Alison. I’m still not sure about Luminar, but Macphun have a long way to go before the windows version equals the Mac one.

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