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1 . Stupid watermarks on even worse images , Why do some people insist on putting indiscrete watermarks their photos  that take up quarter of the page or even worse plonk it right in the middle of the photo ! – I look at some of these and sit there thinking why would anyone want to steal that let alone print and hang it ! , you’d be hard pushed to give it away ! if you insist on marking your image make it small and don’t let it detract from your photo !

2. Fuji owners – The arrival of the new Fuji medium format camera is great in my opinion if only for the fact that all the Fuji snobs can no longer brag about owning the top of the range Fuji camera unless they are will to fork out the 6k plus  required – in that respect…

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5 thoughts on “Photography Wind ups

  1. Oh boy, Six thousand for a Fuji camera. That’s a lot of dough. It must be super good or it’s priced high to make it sound as if it’s every photographer’s dream.

    Yes, I’ve run across some blogging photographers that were livid because their work had been stolen a number of times. Therefore they were very careful to put their watermark on the pic so that it could not be copied. I suppose even then if some one wants your pic, there are ways to remove the water mark. I only followed those two bloggers for a short time. They were not all that they believed they were. Good but not exceptional. Very full of themselves and that will run me in the opposite direction every time.

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    1. It’s very easy to remove a watermark, Yvonne. I flip and flop on using them on my photographs. They can get quite intrusive at times but they also act as advertising. Funnily enough I was out with Chris last night, watch out for my last post before I go on holiday, and we were discussing watermarks and Fuji photographers.

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