Llanrwst And I Got Wet

Now you might have noticed that I’ve changed the blog theme and there’s a reason behind that. I had a conversation the other day with a new reader to Say It With A Camera and after a while it became evident to me that somehow the aim for my blog had sort of gone by the wayside. Say It With A Camera was always intended to be about the photographs and yet there was I using a theme that spent more time advertising how I’d been Discovered, Freshly Pressed and in the Top 100 Blogs. You know I can’t even remember if that was photography or not. Worst of all, the photographs were small.

So I’ve gone back to a simple theme called Plane, taken out all the Widgets to give me a single column that hopefully will show the photographs so much better. Talking of photographs. All of these are 3 shot HDR using the Olympus combination of the OM-D E-M1 Mk2 and the 12-40mm f2.8 PRO lens which is hardly ever off of the E-M1.

Anyway it’s that time of the year when the “little house” by the river in Llanrwst becomes probably one of the most photographed buildings in North Wales.

Tu Hwnt I'r Bont
1/180s, f11, ISO 200

The building does have a chequered history but it’s a tea room now and a very popular one at that. Oh! and the getting wet. First of all the river is in full flow, higher than normal. I came along the river side and had to wade across a large puddle were the river had burst it’s banks. Then to cap it all. I’d just got the tripod set up, the camera was on the tripod and suddenly the heavens opened. Driving rain and where I was standing there is just no shelter.

Not really that productive down by the river, so whilst I was in the area I decided to pay a quick visit to the church, more to dry out a little before going back to the car, than actually taking any photographs.

But seen as I was there, why not? The light wasn’t too bad, late afternoon sun, breaking through the clouds, giving some nice patches of light and shade, ideal for a bit of HDR. Just as a matter of interest the church was built in the late 15th century, although there have been more modern renovations to the church which were carried out in the 1840’s.

Church of St Grwst
2.0s, f11, ISO 200

Next door to the church is a small chapel which was built in the 17th century by Richard Wynn of Gwydir. Inside the chapel you can find 17th century stalls, a lectern and a communion table. Several stone monuments, dedicated to members of the Wynn family, as well as a 13th century stone coffin, supposedly that of Llywelyn the Great can be found.

Gwydir Chapel
1/40s, f8, ISO 200

So that’s it. All in all I got wet and to add insult to injury, walking back to the car the heaven opened again. Then to add even more insult. As soon as I left Llanrwst, the sun came out, the skies turned blue, with those beautiful white wispy clouds. It would have been perfect down by the river, especially with the sun starting to dip. But that’s the weather in Wales for you.

21 thoughts on “Llanrwst And I Got Wet

  1. I just love that first pic of the bridge and the little house by the river, there’s so much movement – of the water, and those clouds that eventually opened up on you! I had similar thoughts and changed my theme as well, for the same reasons. I found a rather nice free theme called Resonar. Your new theme certainly sets of your photography.

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  2. Gosh, Mike. the picture of the cottage looks like a painting and it also makes me want to walk into it, so I am glad it is a real place. The balance of the photo with the flowers in the left corner is brilliant, and knowing you…it was purposeful. Glad to hear it is a tea room now. I think I will promise myself a stop in there…someday. Sorry the rain came it, but clearly didn’t matter. Beautiful . Enjoy your weekend.

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    1. For a short period of time the colour of the Virginia Creeper changes colour, Donna. It doesn’t last too long because of our wet climate. The biggest problem has been the weather, far too much rain and lots of grey skies, making photographs very boring. The flowers growing out of the wall were an added bonus and I didn’t want to crop them out.

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      1. I loved it. I researched the area a bit. We will be visiting London soon, but I think North Wales is a trip on it’s own. Snowdonia looks breathtaking. If we head there in a few years, I will be sure to do my homework with your guidance.

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        1. So much to see and do in North Wales alone. Sitting on my desk is a 280 page book by local photographer Simon Kitchin about photographing North Wales. I base a lot of my trips out on his book. Great guy to talk to as well and I’ve met him a couple of times when I’ve been out and about

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    1. I’ve got a few old churches coming soon from my trip to France, Yvonne. Only problem is in France there’s always tourists in the churches so it’s difficult to get a decent photograph without people

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  3. The colors and details of your images are superb, Mike. The red roof in the first makes the image and your church interiors always impress. Also, you do your HDR post with a deft touch. I love your new theme and agree, it’s a good choice to find one that showcases the photography, that’s what was important to me.

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    1. Colour has been missing for some while from some of my photographs Jane. Only just realised the other day when I was looking back at something that many of the colours were muted.


    1. Oh it dumps on me regularly. I’ve been caught in blizzards, thankfully very short lived, torrential rain and sand storms, Living on the coast the weather can be fine but get into the mountains and it can change so quickly, especially around here. Normally I’m well prepared, but at Llanrwst I didn’t expect the weather to be bad.

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