I’ve Been Busy–Is There Ever Enough Time

What a hectic two weeks it has been working on two separate projects at the same time. As many readers will know I joined a local start-up camera club, which is surprising for me as I’ve always been dead set against them for being too stuffy, with the usual CanonIkon users looking down on everybody else. But this local club is different, we’re a bunch of photographers who in the main like to socialise, discuss photography and have no real fixed agenda. We’re not into getting initials after our name, like some photographers do, but we do like a bit of fun and to see how our photographs are comparing against others in the area. But I’ll talk more about that later.

Meanwhile this week I’m going to show a few photographs from around the coast and especially the stretch near me from Talacre to where I live now, Prestatyn.

Talacre Beach

First thing I can say is that post is no longer standing. It was washed away last week in a storm. It’s still on the beach but much further up.. The dog was one of those lucky shots. I’d just set up the camera on a tripod with remote control attached, getting ready to do a long exposure. Fortunately I ghadn’t attached any filters or set the camera for long exposure photography so I was able to get this one photograph before the dog ran away.

Dog on Beach

Talking of one photograph and one of the projects I was working on. Our little camera club is a member of the North Wales Photographic Association and last week I was busy co-coordinating our clubs photographs for the inter-club championship. For copyright reasons I can’t show you the photographs, they’re not all mine. But suffice to say I spent hours making sure the entries from our club members where in, preparing a slide show so that our members could vote on the ones they liked best and then getting those scores onto spread sheets which allowed us to choose the highest scoring photographs for submission to the competition.

Right back to Talacre, I make no bones about this, I visit there a lot, it’s one of my go-to places for testing and when I’m not in the mood for travelling. It’s only ten minutes away.

Talacre Sunset

Yes, the lighthouse does lean. So what about the second project? Well that one is more closer to home. My youngest son has decided to go it alone and set up his own electrical contracting company. I’ve been helping him design his website amongst other things. If you get the chance please click this link, drive some traffic to it. Catchy name huh?

52 in 2015 Week 8 SOOC

And we’re still at Talacre. This is what happens when we have an exceptionally high tide and you ignore the tide tables. You get cut-off and have to wait it out on the dunes until the tide recedes. Of course if you know the area, you don’t let the tide catch you out, but if it does, you also know that if you walk along the top of the dunes for about ten minutes you can get behind the incoming tide and safely make your way of the beach.

Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighbourhood - 11

If you look at the photograph below which was taken several years back and were to stand in the same spot today you wouldn’t see all those stones, nor would you see the dunes. The great storm of Dec 2013 along with higher than usual tidal surges served to destroy much of the dunes. The sand that was carried away changed the shape of Talacre beach and buried many of these stones, which were the remains of the pathway to the abandoned lighthouse. To date only a few have been uncovered by tidal action.

Ray of Light

One thing we are very luck to have here in North Wales, amazing sunsets, and with long wide beaches there’s always scope to show a mixture of both sky and beach


…or perhaps just more of the beach, this is one of my favourites.

Purple Haze

And it’s an ever-changing scenery. Sure there are some fixed things like the groyne markers. but tidal action, weather and the sun can serve to give you a different photograph every time you visit.

Sunset on Prestatyn Beach

So that’s it for this weeks challenge. I hope you enjoyed the photographs and if you do get the chance please click the link.

It’s been a while since I visited any blogs which take part in the challenge, mainly due to other commitments, therefore there haven’t been any links to other sites on Say It With A Camera. But this week I managed to make some time, despite all the work I have on, so here are some bloggers whose work I have liked this week. Note, unlike other bloggers I have seen, I do not just spray links. I do take the time to visit and if I like an article I will say so, maybe even leave a comment. It’s only fair – Mike

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32 thoughts on “I’ve Been Busy–Is There Ever Enough Time

  1. Gorgeous photo series. (Favorite is third from the last, but they’re all lovely.) These are the sort of scenes that I will never see in person, which makes them quite special to me. Thanks!

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  2. That’s a very crisp site you have helped set upi. I like such sites which don’t waste time- clean and clear!
    Each of these shots are stunning…hard to say which one is better! I also don’t like going out in group for photography for a simple reason that you get influenced in one or the other way by fellow photographers. It is both good and bad! My post on this photo walk is scheduled to be published tomorrow. I do join for photo walks some times…to learn something new! Have a great week ahead, Mike!

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    1. We wanted to keep it simple, Arv. get the message across. I used to do big photo walks with lots of people (80-100). It’s a good way of getting to know other photographers in the area. But then i realised it was just as easy to get to know each other on FB/Instagram and as I much preferred being out on my own. that was the best way to go. I’ve got one more walk in December, signed up for that at the beginning of this year, so I’ll keep the commitment, but that will be my final one.

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    1. I’m lucky to live on the coast Andy, that lighthouse which is abandoned, is about ten minutes drive away, so I do have a lot of photographs of it. But that’s where I go to test techniques and equipment.


    1. As long as it’s not for commercial use Phyllis you are welcome to use the photograph. All of my photographs now have a CC license… and thank you for taking the time to comment.


  3. I really like photos number two and three but especially like number three with the sunset. The sunset is fantastic, with the sky so beautiful. And I would say that you have been very busy with the camera club. It sounds like a good mix of folks and a place to get to know some nice people.

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    1. It does take time to set-up, Amy, and then there’s the wait as the camera takes the photograph but it can be fun and you do get some different photographs. Also it makes me think more about the composition of the photograph

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  4. Your photos always make me smile, scroll down and up, look again. The top one is magnificent. As is the blue sunset with blocks. It’s a mystery, really. I sat and looked at it for some time, wondering, what, exactly, are those blocks?

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    1. Those blocks, Janet are part of the old path across the beach to the lighthouse at Talacre. Sadly nearly all of them are buried under sand now and have been for several years. Maybe one day the tide and storms will uncover them again


  5. The photos are stunning. You always seem to take such care and time when you take photos. I too , love the purple sand, sunset photo, but what tempts me is the rocks. I know you said the beach has changed, but it seems like it would have been so fun to ramble along those rocks to the leaning lighthouse. The rocks are still there, right? Can you get in the lighthouse? And on a side note…I would be perfectly happy if I got trapped on the sand bar during the high tide and watch the day go by. lol. Such a nice shoot , Mike. I always learn from you.

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  6. Yes, Donna, the rocks are still there, just buried under sand, at least we think they’re still there. Saying that after the storms we couldn’t see any and over the last few years a few of them have started to appear. Likewise the dunes are starting to reform. An amazing technique is used to help them reform. Old Christmas trees are used. After Christmas, the local council asks people to put out they’re old tree. The conservation team comes round and collects them and just stick them in the best places in the dunes. Wind causes sand to blow off the beach and it catches in the branches and needles of the trees. Slowly the dune starts to reform. Of course its a delicate process and a storm tide could destroy all the work again.

    The lighthouse is privately owned, You can’t get in, but at low tide you can walk all the way around the outside. In all the time I have been on that beach taking photographs I have only seen someone inside the lighthouse once.


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