Quick Night Photograph

Well not so quick, really. It’s a 50 second exposure. Last night the camera club decided on a visit to photograph the bridge over the River Dee from Connah’s Quay. It was cold night, plenty of cloud about as well. Not ideal for standing around whilst you take photographs. But here’s the result.

The Bridge
Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mk 2 with the 12-40mm PRO Lens – 50s exposure, f7.1 aperture, 200 ISO

I hope you like it. – Mike

16 thoughts on “Quick Night Photograph

    1. I had to “edit” this one a little, Yvonne. The predominant colour was orange because it’s an industrial area they use those bright orange sodium lights. So I managed to insert a little blue colour using Photoshop.

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    1. Thank you Gina. I wasn’t sure at the time if this was going to be OK. It was so cold. I was just taking photographs and not really checking how good they were, which is unusual for me as I’m normally very careful. But I just wanted to get into the warmth

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