I’m Not Running Away…………

So much to do, so little time. In the run up to Christmas I’ve been kept busy by “She Who Must Be Obeyed” doing all sorts of things. Not had much time for photography, but anyway the weather hasn’t been that great. Planned trip to Cwm Idwal, cancelled, heavy snow. Planned trip to the Wirral, cancelled whilst I was on the road there, dark grey skies, followed by heavy torrential rain, Just not worth going out. Finally a glorious winters day, Some sun, a bit of cloud, some blue skies. “Remember you said we would do this today……”. Never forgets anything. So here we are. It’s Christmas week, I’ve been out five hours around the shops, how many times do you need to go back and look at that “special item”; I’ve finally managed to sit down and take a break and starting answering some of the emails that have been piling up as well as write this post.

So anyway to this weeks challenge. I’m going back in time with this one to when we had predictions of real stormy seas off the coast. At first it didn’t look too bad but as the incoming tide swept in, boosted by off-shore winds it was obvious that the waves were going to get higher and higher.


Along the sea-front the wall is designed to break up the waves, which makes for some very interesting formations.

Rising Seas

A normal person sees a storm, thinks help and runs away
A photographer sees that storm, and runs the other way
Off into the cold they go, the wind, the rain and more
To capture pics no matter what, of all the things they saw
Watching all the huge waves crashing, defiantly they stand
Looking out from beneath the pier, with camera in hand
Why do we do such stupid things, like photograph the snow
We can’t resist to get that pic, so off we always go
We see the world through rule of thirds, and many shades of grey
The search to get the perfect shot, continues every day
Dean Thorpe – The poem: “The photographer” by Dean Thorpe

Still Fishing

The guys who fish off the promenade are sort of like the photographers who chase the storm. Whenever it’s predicted for stormy seas you will see them there. To be hones they’re always there, either fishing on the tide line, and slowly walking back up the beach as the t tide comes in. Or else they’re on the promenade. One thing though, no matter what the weather, you’ll find them there. Although most know when to pack up and get to safety if the waves get too strong.

I’d been talking to this guy, taking the odd photograph, up until the seas got a bit strong. At that point I decided discretion was the better part of valour and retreated further up the embankment. Although my camera is weather-proof I still think salt water spray can do a lot of damage, if you forget to clean it when you get home. Anyway I switched to a telephoto lens and continued taking some photographs. Then this big wave came in, most of it broke up on the sea wall, but you can see how far it came up. My fisherman man managed to keep his footing, but talking to him afterwards he said it was touch and go. It was his time to practice a bit of discretion and he packed up just after that.


So that’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the photographs

12 thoughts on “I’m Not Running Away…………

  1. I enjoy not only your pictures but also the story that goes with it. And frankly, very few photographers have this skill. You’re the lucky one, Mike. It’s been a while…. but happy to find your post. I guess you’re getting ready for Christmas.

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    1. Sure am Arv. I don’t know why but Christmas is a frenzy in our house each year. I’m sort of laid back but my wife likes to get everything planned and ready in advance. But maybe that’s because we’ve got quite a few guests coming on Christmas day

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      1. It’s great that you have a “back-up” 🙂
        I’m sure even if you are laid back (which I feel is great trait) you must be enjoying the festive mood and spirit, Mike! I would love to visit your country someday…just to experience this festive atmosphere. 🙂

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  2. What wonderful pictures, Mike. Keep ’em coming. You are kind to share these with us because I’m sure they are commercially very valuable, so thank you again.

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    1. They probably are. But after years of chasing people who abused my copyright I decided I didn’t need the hassle and to just make all of my photographs CC except for commercial use. To be honest I very rarely check if anyone is using my photographs elsewhere.


  3. Those fisherman must be either be desperate or a lunatic to stand that close to the sea wall where a huge wave could knock them down causing a bad injury to the head or maybe wash them right over the railing. I’m glad the one guy came to his senses. The photos are great- looks very dramatic in such ugly weather.

    I must say your wife is very lucky to have a husband like you. Mine would never in a million years do those honey do chores or go shopping with me. Wishing you a happy Christmas to you and yours, Mike.

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    1. I keep telling here she’s lucky and I get a response that says you got it the wrong way round. But it’s always in fun, Yvonne. We have a working partnership that suits us.

      Any way. Have a very merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year

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    1. The sea defences are designed to break up the waves as they come on-shore. Because of the shape of the sea wall you do get these big splash of spray that crashes over the wall. Not as strong as a full blown wave, but impressive nevertheless Alison.

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