Where Are The Dragons?

Wales, or more specifically North Wales, where I live, is the land of magnificent castles, stately homes, railways, festivals and the scenery is superb. Fantastic sandy beaches, tumbling rivers, waterfalls, mountains and lakes. I think I’ll just let the photographs do the talking this week

Yes we have rugged coastlines, but look at the sandy beaches.


There are sand dunes and of course that old abandoned lighthouse that I love to photograph

Talacre Dunes.jpg

You can fish, even at night…..


….although you shouldn’t leave your nets behind.

Net Blue

We get some fantastic sunsets

Purple Haze

And there’s that lighthouse again

Talacre Beach

We have an industrial heritage as well. I wonder who Karen is?

I Love Karen

Of course much of the heavy industry is long gone and we are left with the ruins.

Porth Wen Chimney

It’s not really a castle but we do have them, honest

Gwrych Castle Gate

Lead was also mined here

Minera Lead Mines

And we’ve got the odd waterfall


Plus mountains. One of my favourite walks. Take the path up to Cwm Idwal

The Glyderau

…and this is Cwm Idwal


If you turn your back to Cwm Idwal you get to see Pen Yr Ole Wen

Pen-yr-Olwen Reflections

Butt we also get snow.

52/2013 Week 4

That’s when you ate likely to see the ponies who live wild in the mountains. They come down for food.


I did mention we had lakes. Didn’t I?

Reflections at Llyn Nantle Uchaf

With walking paths that let you appreciate the countryside. This one eventually leads to Snowdon.

Llyn Teym

Probably the most photographed bridge in Snowdonia. Despite it looking rugged, one of the main roads through the park is no more than a short walk of about 75 metres away. I’ve seen coach loads of tourist stop here to photograph this bridge and they think they’re seeing Snowdonia. By the way cross that bridge to the left and you’re on the path to Cwm Idwal

Afon Idwal

Another one of my favourite walking areas. I’ve been in this valley 3-4 hours and not seen another person. It is quite lonely but so peaceful and usually the only sounds you hear are the water tumbling down the hillside, sheep and birds calling.

Rhosydd Terrace

Yet in this remote valley, families lived and worked, mining slate. Above are some of the small terraced houses and below is the ruins of the church

Cwmorthin Chapel

Slate mining was probably the most industrial activity in North Wales with several large quarries extracting slate in vast proportions with Welsh slate, used to roof houses and buildings worldwide


Well that’s it. I could have shown so many more photographs. If you want to know more about North Wales follow the link at the top of the page.

21 thoughts on “Where Are The Dragons?

  1. Wow! You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world. It looks so peaceful. Living in the city, I cannot imagine walking for 3-4 hours without seeing a person.

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    1. Don’t know how I missed your comment, so sorry for not replying sooner. I was born in Scotland. left there at an early age and travelled the world with my job. Finally decided to settle in North Wales, best thing I ever done.

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  2. All the photos are marvelous but I have favorites. I liked the first one, the bridge, the ponies and the waterfall and there was more but I have no idea which number it is in the sequence. I really enjoyed seeing these pics of Wales which has plenty of gorgeous scenery.

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    1. I never regret moving here when I decided to retire, Yvonne. At the moment It looks like we might have a good sunset. The new born lambs have just arrived in the pastures near me, so I’m looking at going out to see if I can capture something interesting

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      1. Mike you and your wife chose well and I suppose one might say you two had lady luck on your side when you chose your area. There is a plethora of scenes to photograph. I think you are the only photographer that has held my interest with your photos and with your narratives about the scenes and the area. I hope you can get those pics of sheep and lambs and I am still waiting for you to get some great photos of the sheep dogs.. I know that Wales produces some top dogs and they are known all over the world.

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  3. God’s own country. Wonderful set of images. In my old village even the old slag heaps have been greenified (if there is such a word) and we can say again ‘how green is my valley’. Or as my dad used to say Huw Green was my Valet.

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    1. I would be honour bound to say Scotland is God’s Own Country, Andrew. But North Wales comes a real close second. The slate quarries here are long since abandoned, nature has taken over and nowadays we have paths through the quarries where you can walk and get some good photographs. Of course you can also go “off-piste, shall we say in search of more interesting stuff but that can be dangerous still as some of the cliff faces are not so stable.

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  4. Thanks for the beautiful photographs and descriptions of Wales which is now a definite on my bucket list of places to visit and explore. Wales, I take it, does not have a problem with low rainfall. Cape Town too is beautiful even if we are now in the grip of a terrible drought, the worst in about a hundred years. It’s been declared a disaster area. Unfortunately it’s only when living and coping within a strange kind of new normal that one begins to understand the fragility and interconnectedness of the world and our place/role in it. Thanks again, your photographs are timely reminders that the drought will eventually be broken, and will hopefully leave us a bit wiser and more careful in how we deal with precious natural resources.

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    1. Looks like I slipped up and missed a few comments which I should have replied to. Yes, we do have a lot of rain, this winter seems to have been more wetter than the last few years.

      I saw Cape Town on the news and was surprised to see you have a drought. I always thought being near the coast and with the mountains nearby you would catch plenty of rain like we do.


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