It’s A Compromise

Well further to my last article about trying to replace Windows Live Writer with Word 2016 as my blogging editor I have come to the conclusion that I’m going to have to compromise.

Despite Word being a great editor, for some reason Microsoft decided to remove Flickr as service in the 2016 version. Therefore, although I can link to the photographs, that’s all you get, a link. Word will not show those photographs.

So here’s where the compromise comes in. During my research, and boy I spent a lot of time looking into this, I came up with using the WordPress Desktop App to write my blog posts. It’s not ideal but hopefully it will allow me to “crack on” and become productive again. Who knows. maybe in time I will get used to it…..

Uh! Uh! Just found a problem. I can’t save and come back to the article I’m writing. Correctiom, not entirely true. WordPress saves automatically from time to time and disable the save button until I type something.

Enough of this, it’s photographs you want to see, so here goes. Time to see if this works.

Sitting on a beach in Barbados I spotted this woman waiting for friends who had gone swimming. I don’t know what it is about this scene but as soon as I saw it I knew I had to get the photograph.

Girl On A Beach

Still in Barbados, this rigged ship was getting ready to leave on a cruise around the islands. Interesting way to travel…..

Tall Ship

I’m not convinced that using this desktop app is going to work. One thing I could be sure of with WLW was that all photographs were the exact same size when I was editing the post and when it was finally published. At the moment they look a right mess.

Lifeguard Hut

It had to hapen, late in the afternoon this helicopter dropped in over the beach heading for the airport. Managed to get a reasonable photograph with the little travel camera I took with me for this holiday.

Private Ride

Did I mention that I was cruising around the Caribbean islands before sailing back to the UK, via Ponta Delgada in the Azores (mid Atlantic). Anyway, at one of the island ports our cruise ship, one of the biggest in the P+O fleet, has to do a 180 turn in a narrow inlet. Standing by, just in case anything went wrong was this tug boat, although it was never used.

Tug Boat

So that’s it. First real post using the WordPress Desktop App. I really would like your opinion on whether the format works, or not. Mike

22 thoughts on “It’s A Compromise

  1. It seems OK to me. The pictures are a good size and I don’t think it would look right if the width was as wide as the text – so it’s well balanced. And it looks like you had a great holiday! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. It looks great. I’d perhaps be tempted to see how it looks with the images centred if it allows but that’s just a small point.

    I write my posts on TextEdit which is bundled with a Mac. When I’m pretty much happy, I paste it into WordPress, format it as needed and insert the pictures from inside WordPress. Again, it’s a compromise. I discovered I spend too much time messing about with the words (on a bad day) for WordPress to be happy.

    You can write just plain text in TextEdit, which is the way I use it – I like to write with no distractions. I am sure there will be something like that for Microsoft too.

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    1. Instead of embedding my photographs from Flickr, I could use the media server on WordPress which would allow me to use Microsoft Word without any problems. Whichever way I look at it Susan, I’ve got to compromise on the way I worked before.

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      1. It’s hard when things you’re happy with just change without warning. I am still grumbling to myself about the floating question mark that is making it really irritating to read posts on my phone, which I used to do far too often.

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        1. One of those things. Microsoft stopped supporting WLW some time back but it worked fine with Windows 10 as long as it was already installed on your PC before Win 10 upgrade. However in my case I had to rebuild my hard drive including a new install of Win 10. WLW will just not install now. I’ve read all sorts of blog and web articles on how to get it to work but none actually do.


      2. The format works for me but I’m, no expert. I’ve lost my Photoshop due to having a new hard drive and having spent nearly six hours on the phone and chatline to them I’ve given up. I’m resisting buying new PS as I feel they should give me a new copy but GiIMP is a faff to use. Have you any advice?

        Your comment further up about using the Media on WP. I’ve been doing that but recently it said it was getting full up so I deleted a heap of pix to free us some space. WRONG1 This action, however, deleted them from the Posts as well and after querying this with the Helpline I find I have to go into all my posts now, find the ones which have lost the images and re-insert them! Maybe I won’t bother, such a lot of work involved.

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            1. I’m not sure about Photoshop Elements, It’s not something I use. I was thinking of the full blown Photoshop CC. The only thing I can think of did you register PSE with Adobe when you bought it. If so you should have an Adobe account where you can download the serial and I think the software. Other than that, it’s all I can think of.


  3. That’s interesting Mike. I’ve always tried to get the photographs the same size as the text. Something WLW with no problem. It looks like I will have to get used to not using WLW and go with what I’ve got.


  4. For me it works, but I am a little biased as I have only ever used the WordPress app to edit. The shortcoming I find with using Flickr links is you can only load one image on a row, rather than composite 2 or 3 in a grid. Maybe if I was not a cheapskate and paid for WP I might find a widget to enable it. Other than that it is fine

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    1. Might have just found another workaround. Open Live Writer seems to be working and as long as I copy the Flickr image address that has the word Static in it the images appear in OLW

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  5. The format works for me but I’m, no expert. I’ve lost my Photoshop due to having a new hard drive and having spent nearly six hours on the phone and chatline to them I’ve given up. I’m resisting buying new PS as I feel they should give me a new copy but GiIMP is a faff to use. Have you any advice?


  6. It looks fine on an iPhone 6, the pictures are of a consistent width and clicking on a photo takes me to Flickr. I like the lady with the Burberry umbrella…

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