Don’t Make Me Laugh

It’s been a while since I took part in the Weekly Photo Challenge but I’m back with a few photographs that made me smile. I’ve just got back from a trip to the Caribbean sailing around the islands and then sailing back to the UK via the Azores. That’s the story behind the photographs and here they are.

Girl on the beach, battered umbrella, sheltering from the sun. It’s a photograph that I’m really happy I captured. Admittedly there’s a lot of background distractions but that small boat does give you the location, it’s Barbados.

Right on to the next one.

Three dogs in St Lucia, just wandering along the street. The one in front, kept looking at me, looks like he’s smiling. Probably thinking, “another stupid tourist with a camera, why is he photographing us?”

One of the things I was concerned about during this trip was that I had swapped my normal camera and lenses for a small, lightweight compact camera. Weight was a big consideration when flying to the Caribbean as my equipment exceeded the carry-on limit set by the airline. So I decided to bite the bullet, buy a compact camera that had some pro features and hope that I would still be able to capture some of the wildlife.  Despite my reservations I’m really impressed with the results that I got from the Panasonic DC-TZ90.

Even this one at the long end of the 720mm zoom lens has come out pretty good.

I’d like to leave you with this final photograph and hope that you have enjoyed the series.

Nearly every shop has these signs and it must be a local pastime to sit and watch the world go by. Because outside every shop were little home-made seats, some quite fancy like you see here. Others, just a few breeze blocks and a plank of wood. But it mad me smile to see them.

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One final note. I finally solved the WLW problem. I found Open Live Writer which is almost a clone of WLW apart from the ability to add photographs via a plugin. However it’s a familiar interface that works for me and should now bring some consistency to the photograph sizes. I have to to a bit of work getting the Flickr photographs in, it’s a compromise, but you can’t have everything.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Make Me Laugh

  1. These pic are great. I would not have known that you used a “a cheap camera.” All the photos are interesting and I really like the egret and the large ship with the setting sun. The woman with the umbrella is not bad either. Stray or homeless dogs is a huge problem in all of the Caribbean Islands. The people there do no have much regard for the animals . Some groups from the states, Canada and also Great Britain- I think, provide spay/neuter/vaccinations clinics and also at times bring some of the dogs and cats back to the states to be readied for adoption.

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    1. It’s a similar problem in Europe with stray dogs, Yvonne. When we lived in Italy there were lots of stray dogs, In the early 70’s strays were such a problem in Cyprus that they started culling them and they encouraged people not to keep dogs. In the early 80’s you wouldn’t find a dog on Cyprus, although that has changed now. However they do have a problem with feral cats to the extent that there are more cats than humans on the island.

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      1. Interesting about cats on Cyprus. I know there are many on the Greek islands as well as stray dogs. I just do not understand the indifference to animals. The US is getting pretty bad as well. People dump dogs and cats all over and rescue groups go and get them , rehab the dogs or cats and then get them adopted. Too many good looking animals are PTS every single day in the states. It makes me ill.


  2. The photos did indeed make me smile. Looks like a great reprieve from winter. My favorite was of the woman on the beach/Barbados. Beautiful. I wondered what she was thinking and if she kew you were taking her picture. If not, she was in deep thought about something, so great capture. I love photographing people, but don’t ever want them to know I am doing it, so I find myself sneaking around…like that “dang tourist” you talked about. Thanks for the smile. Once again enjoy Japan.


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