Hiroshima A Bomb Dome

Today is Thursday and I’ve been getting out and about but I’m frazzled. Jet lag seems to have stepped in and brought me to a tired halt. So today I’m taking it easy in preparation for sandankyo gorge tomorrow.

Yesterday I spent the day in the Hiroshima Peace Park wandering around the many iconic memorials taking photographs

It’s hard to get one without other tourists or for that matter school children not appearing in your photograph but I managed to grab this one of the A Bomb Dome. I doubt if there are many people who don’t know the story of Hiroshima during WW2 so I won’t repeat it here.

The children come from all over Japan to see the park in Hiroshima and yesterday there were thousands of them, all eager to practice English. I got approached several times by children from Osaka who wanted me to complete a survey.

In return for answering four simple questions they gave me a gift of an origami crane, a symbol of peace throughout Japan, which they had made themselves.

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