A Sea Of Red

Continuing my strive for Japanese culture I managed to get tickets for the baseball. A home game for Hiroshima Carps. Baseball is big in Japan and each game is a sellout for the Carps

That little splash of yellow are fans from Hanshin Tigers.

What a pity the game had to be postponed. After the glorious last few days of sun I woke up this morning to light rain which just got heavier and heavier.

At first the start was delayed for an hour but it was obvious to me when I saw the tv cameras packing up there wasn’t going to be a game. But I just had to check and luckily I found someone who spoke English who confirmed the match had been postponed.

6 thoughts on “A Sea Of Red

      1. I have a totally waterproof cover for my camera, and a totally waterproof cover for my day pack. Unfortunately I discovered that the cover for my body is water resistant not water proof. Better get one of those capes 🙂

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        1. Funnily enough I found out that my long standing mountain jacket is no longer as waterproof as I thought it was. Although I had bought an umbrella, the sleeve of my jacket got wet and pretty soon I could feel it on my arm. Time to get a new one when I get home.

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  1. Tis a shame that you didn’t get to see a game. I understand that the Japanese play some mighty good ball. I think teams from the US at one time would go over and play the teams in Japan. I never knew who won.


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