Economy Yaki

I feel such a fool. Remember I mentioned the kids in the Hiroshima Peace Park. Well they asked me what Japanese food I liked and having eaten some Economy Yaki the night I arrived in Hiroshima, that’s what I said. No wonder they were laughing. I got it totally wrong, it’s Okonomiyaki.

It’s a sort of savoury pancake with a variety of ingredients and the name comes from okonomi, meaning “what you like” and yaki meaning “grill”.

It’s a speciality of the Kansai and Hiroshima areas of Japan, but they can be found all over the country.

It’s not fast food like Mickee Dees. Each one of these “pancakes” is lovingly put together with flourish and skill, and from starting to me actually eating takes about 20 – 25 minutes.

6 thoughts on “Economy Yaki

  1. Well the what-cha-ma-call-it pancakes sound as if they’d fill ones stomach. I’m afraid I’d have to pass on those. Looks like strips of bacon on top but I bet they were tasty though.


    1. I thought it was bacon, but I was corrected, it’s pork belly and really tasty.

      Ingredients are a very thin pancake, shredded cabbage, bean sprouts, pork belly, a fried egg, cheese,jalapeños, finely grated seaweed, seasoning and a fruity sauce of sort

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